compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see Fidelio X1 specs and Another great set of headphones from Philips, the X1s are good. Although, I prefer neutral headphones, I like to have fun with bassy headphones that don’t have a muddy sound. On my adventure to find a pair. Philips Fidelio X2 review and comparison with Fidelio X1 headphones. Learn how X2 stack up against the mighty Fidelio X1 in terms of build and sound quality .

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For critical music listening and enjoyment in silent environments these headphones are stellar and should definitely be on your short list of candidates.

The tight crispy punch is gone and the far duller sound of X1 says hello. The pads are so lush and comfortable with the velour padding, these feel as good as fidrlio sound!

Pros – Fdielio bass, soothing vocals, non fatiguing treble. The X1 does many things quite well and blends them together to produce a consistently pleasurable listening experience. Airy, wide soundstage, neutral mids, sparkly highs, comfortable. Sure, not totally accurate – not like my Ks or HDs – but an accurate that adds enough excitement to make good music fun. Maybe one should fdelio to make X1 sound like Fdielio Our Verdict Another great set of headphones from Philips, the X1s are 1x enough to worry the very best at this price.


I have a fairly big head, so most headphones I wear feel too small or have too much clamp. Interesting measurements comparing Fidelio X1 and X2. Only downside to the sound would be that it is not completely neutral and therefore not perfect for mixing purposes, but for enjoying music, it is definitely a winner!

It makes me bob in my seat and dance along and act like a moron. My only complaint as far as build quality goes is the provided 3.

The angled drivers shown in the right side image probably has a lot to do with that, as it aims to produce a similar effect to that of speakers d1 in towards your head from opposite sides of the room. Looks, comfort and build quality Both headphones look identical and seems to be built out of sturdy aluminum and fake leather.

If youre looking for some bass and high detail in your headphones these are them. WTF does all that jibbrish mean?

The open backed headphones also allow for a wider sound stage, better imaging and superior holographic layering. D1 ExplorerDec 2, Testing with different analogue cables for connecting external DAC and headphone amplifier I was testing with four different analogue cables between DAC and headphone amplifier.

Sound and build are exceptional.

Let’s say that the headphones are raw meet. Powerfull HI Fi headphones.

There is x to no clamp and the velour earpads feel like pillows resting gently on my ears. Get em if you can find em. If you don’t want to go in extremes, then it’s always good that is not too much or too little roasted. Philips Headphones with Adjustable Headband. See details for additional description.


What can I say about this headphone that hasn’t been said?

Philips Fidelio X1

Philips Fidelio Fudelio review: So you are getting intensity of Fidelio X1 characteristics, but not right away all positive qualities. This headphone is Gold! That’s a fine a noble aim.

That’s a good deal indeed, and I’m inclined to say go for it. Concerns about X1 was mainly a high resistance cable, dull and a tad floppy bass, poor choice of cable termination and adapter, but maybe most of all the lack of changeable ear pads. Also, the stock cable that came with X1 has a higher resistance than that of the cable that came with X2.

Philips Fidelio X1 vs X2 Review

The mids on these headphones are very warm and clear but slightly recessed. Against Some tough competition. About this product Product Information High fidelity, premium quality Enjoy music at homeWith the Fidelio X1 headphones, you’re in for an authentic listening experience in exquisite sound and comfort, in your very own home. These have the wow-factor. Unfortunately this product is no longer available.