The Craft of the cocktail is possibly the best cocktail book ever written by probably the worlds greatest living book is a must for all professional. The Craft of the Cocktail has ratings and 20 reviews. Alex said: DeGroff is a well-respected cocktailian, but IMO, this book has aged poorly. Publish. The first real cookbook for cocktails, featuring recipes from the wolrd’s premier mixologist, Dale DeGroff. Covering the entire breadth of this.

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Bartender Dale DeGroff Fathered the Modern Craft-Cocktail Renaissance – Robb Report

Mathieu rated it liked it Jan 15, At first I gave this 4 stars, because I didn’t really care for the more or less alphabetical organization of the recipes, but in going over the book carefully, I found it chock-full of all the information anyone would need to become a skilled bartender, plus a lot of interesting historical information. I worked out in Los Angeles, and it changed my life, obviously. Read it Forward Read it first. This is all an illustration of the true lesson to be learned about bartenders’ references: Ben Rogers rated it liked it Nov 14, In one reading I was able to find out the name of a coupe glass that had eluded me for almost a year, and that you need a channel knife to make spiral garnishes.

Then on to stocking the essential bar, choosing the right tools and ingredients, and mastering key techniques—the same information that DeGroff shares with the bartenders he trains in seminars and through his videos. If you want a cocktail reference book with quite a lot of classic cocktail recipes, then this book is very good. Because of the format, it isn’t the best book to keep under the bar, but it’s perfect for your nightstand.

Latest Galleries in Spirits. In this country, the Zagat guide, which started with 13 ethnic cuisines in the back, now has over in the back. You want just the sour mix? You need to go out and taste what people are mixing, and you need to have several books on hand whose recipes you can read, compare, imagine, try, synthesize, extrapolate.


I’ve read this but want to read it again. They came in sweet and sour varieties and we put big silver bowls filled with them at the front of the bar to show them off. It contains a good introductory section, but although the recipes offer a glimpse into the beginning of the cocktail Renaissance fresh juice etc its original recipes do not tempt me and the classics are rather sweeter than modern tastes.

He was stuck behind the bar until he could fill that job.

For that alone it made it worthwhile reading for me. PLUS free digital access.

The Craft of the Cocktail Book by Dale DeGroff

I switched a lot of drinks while I was there, but some I never took off the menu—that was one of them. A lot of t Despite being a classic book, it is really dated. As a service bartender, naturally I had to make many Irish coffees that morning. Published October 15th by Clarkson Potter Publishers.

Add the whisky, port, thee ice, and stir well to chill and dilute. Jun 19, Wayne rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Recipes from the Award-Winning Bar which provides great modern cocktail recipes that are often based on classic ones.

Bartender Dale DeGroff Fathered the Modern Craft-Cocktail Renaissance

Unsurprisingly, most everything I’ve made out of this book is too sweet, and that even includes old guard cocktails like the Ward Eight. I flamed an cratf peel and added a splash of orange juice to the Craaft Bull and it worked; it became our signature. Der Stone Sour ist ein Epitom der Cocktailkultur der 90er, und da viele Bartender ihren Beruf nicht wirklich lernen, muss ich heute noch hin und wieder Orangensaft in meinem Whiskey Sour erleben.

When you got DeGroff into the realm of the bitters-tinged cocktail, his subtly aromatic, complex, and a little bit dark and twisted drinks were a treat for the nose and tongue, even a from amazon.

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The author is a cousin of my wife Maybe you would get a slushie, an artificially sweetened drink with some kind of rum. This was not unusual; we sold crazy things and broke a lot of records there. Beautiful color photographs and a striking design round out the cookbook approach to this subject, highlighting the difference between an under-the-bar handbook and a stylish, full-blown treatment.


Needs a better index no ability to search by ingredient! And then the meat of the matter: Quotes from The Craft of the Tawny port… calvados… vintage port… eau de vie? Die Frage, die sich mir stellt, ist nach der Zielgruppe dieses Buchs. That was reinforced when another guy asked for a fresh margarita and I handed him one with sour mix.

He was a smart, smart guy. Scott Fitzgerald drank gin. So the day shift [at dal Hotel Bel-Air] was interesting; nobody showed up until right before my shift ended, and then all of the tips went to the nighttime bartenders.

The author is well respected by modern bartenders, but it seems to have gone to his head and displays his obsession with himself, flamed orange peels and orange juice throughout and in that order!

The 10 Cocktails That Made My Career: Dale DeGroff

Jul 29, Catherine Woodman rated it it was amazing. Click here to visit our UK site. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Then on to stocking the essential bar, choosing the right tools and ingredients, mastering key techniques—hints worthy of a pro, the same information that Dale shares with the bartenders he trains in seminars and through his videos. I worked at the beautiful Hotel Bel-Air.

Oct 25, Jason M rated it really liked it. Indie rated it really liked it Nov 16, LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Dale DeGroff ist weit rumgekommen in der Cocktailwelt, ohne Frage. Newsletter Sign up for our newsletter and go inside the world of luxury.