Charles Bukowski, escritor eminentemente autobiográfico, nos cuenta en esta en Cartero describe los doce años en que estuvo empleado en una sórdida. Read El cartero / The postman book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. Follow the Author. Charles Bukowski. El Cartero (Spanish Edition) by Charles Bukowski at – ISBN – ISBN – CreateSpace Independent.

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And underneath all that, the fish, the poor fish fighting each other, eating each other. He is intelligent, but mostly lives the life of a loser: I decided that those people were not going to get their mail that day, and maybe never get bukoaski mail again.

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Then I felt something jamming its way into my crotch. What keeps us going is the knowledge that for all our fuck ups, it is precisely these mistakes that teach us how to live, what we love and what we loathe, our aspirations and our aversions. Also, my girlfriend is watching over my shoulder as I’m filling out this form. Looking at the big picture, this is an insightful and thought-provoking story about a working man trying to survive the day to day.

He does a lot more telling than showing, although the tales he tells show us quite a bit about the absurdities of modern life, the insanities we’re so often driven to, and all the myriad ways in which we choose to cope.

Based on your preferences, we will find the perfect selection of bar buddies for you, right in your neighbourhood. He only finds companionship because it’s in San Francisco or LA It’s nice to be a champion. View all 35 comments. Ever wanted to talk nonsense with a sleazy, voluptuous barfly, laugh and kiss and stroke and fuck and drink and drink and fuck and smoke and drink Thank you for registering to BarBud! I wish sometimes that I could live ten minutes of my life the way Henry Chininski wakes up every morning.


After a brief hiatus, in which he supported himself by gambling at horse races, he returned to the post office to work as a sorter.

Grigoria Pontiki I would suggest Ham on Rye too. Poignant Despite the light touch, Chinaski isn’t immune from hurt, grief and introspection: Bathos The opening line is, “It began as a mistake”, chharles two opens, “Meanwhile, things went on” and the book closes with, “Maybe I’ll write a novel I thought.

At certain places in the book, I took this simply as his own fantasy of how he saw fl wanted to see himself. He’s a congenital loser trapped in a dead-end profession from which he can derive no personal satisfaction, yet possessed of enough self-awareness to recognize the absurdity of his situation.

Follow the Author

Just to make clear that sad, dirty old men are just as welcome! Little physical ailments, little frustrations, little reasons to smile, little reasons to complain, the little things that fill a day and make a person. If easily offended by language then think twice about reading it. Now you know; my secret is out — I am a twisted, depraved human being who enjoys reading the thoughts of a dirty old man.

sl Bukowski’s first wife, Barbara Frye is portrayed as Joyce, a wealthy nymphomaniac. She talked and talked and talked. There was one guy who wouldn’t let you put the mail in his box. Terry has extensive experience as an international. He lived charlrs of his live in boarding houses in the Los Angeles area. View all 4 comments.

Ever wandered into a bar, hoping to meet a fellow to philosophize with deep into the night, only to find yourself alone with a student bartender who simply doesn’t have it in him yet? I’ll drink anything, as long as it’s much of it! Coarse, yet deeply sensitive.

Most of them lived in nice houses and didn’t seem to work, and you wondered how they did it. And personal anecdotes to add color and context to the BarBud.


Bukowski wrote thousands of poems, hundreds of carterro stories and six novels, eventually publishing over sixty books Charles Bukowski was the only child of an American soldier and a German mother.

Jokey is when you’re standing in the gutter knee deep in shit and you make a joke about not lighting a cigarette because it would set the world on fire.

Post Office by Charles Bukowski

The opening line of Post Office is: Women, the little things, personal anecdotes Motivation: Post Office is broken down into six distinct parts that recounts Hank’s life as a succession of boring interludes over a fourteen-year period of employment in the postal service. One never knows just where Bukowski’s life ends and Hank’s life begins!

Get to Know Us. Bukowski knew this, which is why he wrote the sort of stuff he did, and why it resonates so well with so many. For the reader, there is a guilty sense of vicarious liberation that comes from living in his shoes.

Cartero – Charles Bukowski – Google Books

Just be careful not to touch anything, you don’t know where it’s been. How in hell can carrtero expect a man to find a mailbox in the dark? View all 3 bukkowski.

We’ll be meeting in a bar, not some fancy shmancy conference, so that “the university of life” stuff should do. I don’t mind working, ’cause I used to be jerking off most of my time in bars, I’ve been a cabbie and a stock clerk and a soda-fountain jock-jerk And a manic mechanic on cars.

Published October 13th by Ecco first published It isn’t relentlessly funnyno, it’s relentles Bukowski puzzles me.