Brighu Prashna Nadi. +. Fortune Telling From The Permutation And Its Combination Of The Planets. +. Bhrigu Nandi Nadi: A Classical Work Based On NADI. 36% buy the item featured on this page: Bhrigu Prashna Nadi $ $ Vaastu Purusha Mandalam, 21% buy. Vaastu Purusha Mandalam $ $ 1 Brighu Frashna Nadi How to refer to the Bhrieu Prashna Nadi 1. The Bhrigu Prashna Nadi contains predictions, each prediction commencing on.

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The native will be able to possess bhgigu – vehicular gains, and will be able to earn self-earning property aspects. From now on, for another six years, improvement in family circles, imporvement in career, prosperity and auspicious things at home are sure things, with great success, although there is little trouble in the family circle here and there. Prashnw now, the bad periods have past and now onwards day- to-day prosperity can be expected from the next 2 months onwards.

From now on i.

Also enjoys own, beautiful house with vehicles, etc. People who had affection on this person will help, so that the person will help, so that this that the person enjoys success and happiness. The person enjoys and benefits lot ot fame and luxury and finding new avenues of financial gains and even health conditions bhgigu family will be good and improvement of life in all spheres of line can be enjoyed.

Even the little dispute now in unsolved condition with arguements will come to a peaceful end which solves the problem. Your relatives wil 1 certainly bow their heads in front of you, because of your good time during next year and you will enjoy Vishesha Yogas- auspicious time – and your status in society will raise, which comes automatically to you.

Bhrigu Prashna Nadi R G Rao

One of the relatives of this person, accidentally comes to help at the end to this person, hence not to be worried of last days. The birth of the female is average good, and enjoys and anyhow, will have affection on you.


Anyhow, from the very moment prxshna questioning, there will be some cruel eyeing of some 18 Brighu Prashna Nadi of the planets, – but pprashna of the unwarrantable, inauspicious aspects due to such planetic actions, the native will be able to overcome them by worshipping the Goddess – Mother SREE MATHA by Japas and etc and from the time of questioning and after a period of four months and 18 days, the periods will be good.

During the elementary stages of life the results of life are not very prominent but only medium, and during the second leg of life prosperity could be seen and benefits he had to get bhrivu home are being troubled by own people who are known people and always suffers from mental irritation and unhappiness and worries caused by people known to this person.

Even social standards, social respect, developmental deeds will be taking place. Concentrate on Divine Thoughts to keep good balance of mind and this is for your good only.

In the same Amsha there is another person and this person suffers from home life. This person can enjoy intelligence only by patience or slow process. This kind of life is really profitable i. So, from time to time, year by year the family enjoys auspicious occasions and happiness. Previously two bad times are over. From now on, there is prosperity and improvement in various ways, such as family expansion, wealth and this is doubtless. You will enjoy a good, excellent, peaceful life till the end.

The person is quite intelligent and hails from a respectable family.

Bhrigu Prashna Nadi | Sagar Publications

Brighu Prashna Nadi 42 This person who is questioning can except good results by the view of the Planets in favourable angles. The procedure to be employed is as follows: Besides, he will be a person well respected by the society, and the time at which the question was asked also contains some inauspicious aspects like restlessness of mind and some of the unwarrantable aspects and such aspects can well be prevented by prostrating and worshipping the Prashnaa Mother SRI MANONMANI DEVI, who will be able to ward-off all such unwarrantable aspects, while bringing the native bhdigu of mind and good results, besides this a little medication will also be a supporting factor.


Difficulties at home-and now the success is little and after one year and one month the family trees will stabilise in news and new ways of income can be seen. The trouble in health more often can be cured by Herbal Beru medicines and treatment.

The person will be cared with affection from his uncle sides. Also, presently suffering from weakness, problems due to excess-of-heat, unhappiness and unsuccessful in efforts, deeds, enimities, etc. Although yourself and your brothers, during this year may have to face unhappy times, by the Grace of the Lord it ends amicably and later on improvement in career can be seen and change of place from one place to another is a possibility.

As said above, from the next year to another 5 years of period the yogas are excellent which brings wealth, improvement in family tree and progress in career and success in all aspects. Even yoga Abyasa – Yogas will help you and keep mind in God and there is good chance for gifted knowledge. All love-affection affair has become disappointed. One son will become an able administrator with good yoga and in three years enjoys good time and one-by-one auspicious things will take place in family life and Divine performances will take place at home.

Only now, from the past 5 years, there is improvement. However, prashnw are great chances that the educational aspects are very good.

Your new plan to undertake a new venture will naci successful as per your will and still your brothers may give you some trouble and youe will suffer mental unhappiness and all these unfavourable periods, after 9 months becomes favourable and your plans, success, family life and good things at home are sure to take place and you will enjoy an allround good time with prosperity and enjoyment. But still, auspicious and good results can now be forseen.