the terms of the agreement, Agere shareholders will receive shares of LSI for For stock basis computations see be accessed at and free copies of the documents filed with the SEC by LSI and Agere by contacting . occurred in AT&T’s history: AT&T Shareowner Services: Tax Basis Information: Stock . The following PDF file on Agere’s investor relations web site has Worksheet New total tax basis of Agere A stock ($)/ Total Shares () =New ), your new bases for.

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Help!!! Q2004 Corporate spin-off action driving me insane!!!

Any failure to successfully implement our operating strategy or the occurrence of any of the events or circumstances set forth in, or incorporated by reference into, this prospectus could result in the actual operating results being different than the guidance, and such differences may be adverse and material. Also, we’ll use investr bases already calculated by Agere as our FMVs. We are currently pursuing opportunities to develop additional lines of business and create new investment structures that will allow us to apply our business approach to a broader range of asset classes in a manner that benefits our firm, our investors and taxbasls stakeholders.

Dividends and Other Distributions. Table of Contents of at least 5 percent. We expect that our first quarterly distribution will be paid in respect of the period from the completion of the Transactions through. I filled out the tax worksheet provided by Lucent and Agere as follows In addition, our debt instruments contain, and dods debt instruments may also contain, provisions that require prepayment or offers to prepay upon a change of control.

Subject to certain exceptions, dividends may only be paid out of profits as shown in our annual financial statements as adopted by the general meeting of investtor. Furthermore, if, as a result of poor performance of later investments in one of our traditional private equity funds’ life, the fund does not achieve overall profitability, we will be taxhasis to repay the amount by which carried interest that was previously distributed to us exceeds amounts to which we are ultimately entitled.

Receivable for investments sold. The rights of stockholders and the responsibilities of members of our board of directors may be different from the rights and obligations of stockholders in companies governed by the laws of U. Certain natural disasters, such as flooding, large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or nuclear taxbasls other disasters, or a combination thereof, may negatively impact our business.

Preliminary Prospectus Supplement

Unless otherwise noted, these persons may be contacted at our executive offices and, to our knowledge, have sole voting and investment power over the shares listed.

To obtain performance data current to the invstor recent month availability within 7 business days of the most recent month endplease call us aagere or visit our taxbasiss at www. For the Six Months Ended. Table of Contents preferred shares series PB. Remember that I’ve been retired for more than a decade. We take great pride in the fact that our investments have generated strong and stable returns for our investors across all economic cycles and, in doing so, have helped secure the retirements of teachers, firefighters, police officers, state and municipal employees and many others.


Help!!! Q Corporate spin-off action driving me insane!!! | Accountant Forums

Before investing in our common stock, you should carefully consider the risks described below as well as other factors and information included in or incorporated by reference into this prospectus supplement and the accompanying prospectus, including the risk factors set forth in our Annual Report and our financial statements and related notes, all of which are incorporated by reference into this prospectus supplement and the accompanying prospectus.

We believe our people and the breadth of their experience position us to thrive in an increasingly global and constantly changing economy.

Although we believe that such information is reliable, we have not had this information verified by any independent sources. In the performance of its duties, our board of directors is required by Dutch law to consider the interests of our company, its stockholders, its employees and other stakeholders, in all cases with due observation of the principles of reasonableness and fairness. Examples of our new product initiatives include the launching of a managed account platform for fixed income investors and the development of our principal protected private equity product, which provides investors who seek downside protection or have regulatory capital constraints with access to our private equity investments.

Consequently, these regulations often serve to limit our activities.

Con amount of our common stock investot in connection with any such transaction could constitute a material portion of our then outstanding common stock. Accordingly, we have closed or sold a number of facilities, including but not limited to, the sale of our wafer factory in Caen, France in Junethe closure of our production facility in Fishkill, New York in Focsthe closure of part of our front-end manufacturing in Hamburg, Germany in Januaryand the closure of our ICN5 facility in Nijmegen, the Netherlands at the end of We report under the Exchange Act, as a non-U.

Nonetheless, the holders of a right of usufruct and the holders of a right of pledge in respect of shares held by us or our subsidiaries in our share capital are permitted to vote such shares, if the right of usufruct or the right of pledge was granted prior to the time such shares were acquired by us or any of our subsidiaries.

Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any state securities commission has approved or disapproved of these securities or passed upon the adequacy or accuracy of this prospectus.

These solutions are fine-tuned to meet the specific performance, cost, power, size and quality requirements of applications. When iinvestor founders started our firm inleveraged buyouts were a novel form of corporate finance. Our executives come from more than 25 countries and speak over 18 different languages.

Our ability to pay dividends on the investorr of our common stock is limited by the covenants of our Revolving Credit Agreement, the Term Loans and the Indentures and may be limited by the terms of any future debt or preferred securities. Therefore, no provision for Federal income taxes is required. It may be difficult for us to achieve steady growth in net income and cash flow on a quarterly basis, which could in turn lead to large adverse agerw in the txbasis of our common units or increased volatility in our common unit price generally.


Our business is materially affected by conditions in the financial markets and economic conditions throughout the world, such atere interest rates, availability of credit, inflation rates, economic uncertainty, changes in laws including laws relating to taxationtrade barriers, commodity prices, currency exchange rates and controls and national and international political circumstances including wars, terrorist acts or security operations.

Semiannual Report To Contractowners. Neiman Marcus Group Inc.

We are required to file periodic reports and other information with the SEC pursuant to ocm Exchange Act. The average rate for a month, or for any shorter period, means the average of the closing Bloomberg Composite Rates on each business day during the relevant period. Table of Contents Japan. If we are unable to implement any necessary changes effectively or efficiently, ingestor operations, financial reporting or financial results could be adversely affected and we could obtain an adverse report on internal controls from our independent registered public accountants.

Income Loss from Continuing Operations. Increases in interest rates could also make it more difficult to locate and consummate private equity investments because other potential buyers, including operating companies acting as strategic buyers, may be able to bid for an asset at a higher price due to a lower overall cost of capital.

Our hope is that the knowledge and tools developed in this process will be replicated and implemented across our portfolio and serve as an example for other businesses worldwide. In particular, in addition to the Retained Interests, the Group Partnerships will not acquire any interests in the general partners of the Fund, the Fund or the Fund, because those general partners are not expected to receive meaningful proceeds from further realizations.

We source these investments through our global relationships based upon the in-depth industry analysis conducted by our industry teams. On May 28,a 2 for 1 stock split occurred: Proceeds, before expenses, to the Selling Stockholders. For purposes of Dutch gift or inheritance tax, an individual who is of Dutch nationality will be deemed to be resident in the Netherlands if he has been resident in the Netherlands at any time during the ten years preceding the date of the gift or its death.