‘An-al-Haq’ (I am the truth) – this statement would be the death of Mansur Al- Hallaj. A Sufi poet, teacher and philosopher, Hallaj was executed. 2 Poems by Mansur Al Hallaj. By Mahmoud Mostafa. Islamic_Mystic_al_Hallaj Underlying his fearsome courage was a beautiful tenderness that was forgiving. To this I am now adding this sad and gruesome account of the martyrdom of Mansur al-Hallaj, which I constructed and pieced together from a.

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Namara inscription Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions. August 12th, 1 Comment. An executioner then sought to pull Hallaj’s tongue mamsoor his mouth, but Hallaj drew back and said: Views Read Edit View history.

Literary History of Persia. You have bestowed upon me what I sought.

The story of Hallaj – Pakistan –

A friend of my daughter, Nedda, wanted to meet me. You are what I hoped for! Cultural flowering in Iraq. Central Asia and Middle Eastquote: You are the essence of the source of my existence, you are the reach of my manosor You who are my logic, and my expressions, and my gestures You are all of maansoor entirely, you are my hearing and my seeing You are my whole, and some of me, and my parts You are all of me entirely, and all of it is entirely obscured And all of you entirely are covered in my meaning My soul clings to you with intense love until it is spent in ecstasy And I become a hostage to my longing I cry over my sorrow, over separation voluntarily from my homeland And my adversaries please me with my own wailing I approach but my fear sets me back, and I am anxious from a longing That takes hold of my deeply hidden insides What shall I do about an expansiveness that I am in such love with?

Rays Nov 11, He gave me the best wine to drink, just like the Lord offers to his honored guests. Did the audience know that Hallaj was crucified for that?

When they all replied that they did, he made a mystical gesture with his fingers that caused all the chains and locks to burst asunder. Some question whether al-Hallaj was executed for religious reasons as has been commonly assumed.

As the blood spurted out from his wrists it was seen to form the words ‘I am the Truth’ Anal-Haq as it poured onto the wooden boards of the scaffold. Then suddenly every dismembered part of his body began to take up the cry, ‘I am the Truth’. Many stories now began to circulate about him and the miracles he performed. This that we have now is not imagination. Mojaddedi, Jawid March 1, Now you must do your work. Classical mysticism In Halpaj Hallaj told them that this scorpion was a ‘friend’ that had lived inside his robe for the last twenty years, and he insisted that they replaced both his old robe and the unharmed scorpion immediately.


Francis, the bishop of Rome and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church —. The expressions of his intimate moments with the Beloved are like a powerful thunderstorm that sweeps the heart with terrifying power and yet brings serenity, life-giving water, freshness, and renewal to the heart, and occasionally a rainbow upon the horizon.

The Caliph next gave the order for the assembled crowd to stone Hallaj, who endured the onslaught of rocks in heroic silence. I picked Justin up at the train station and we spent the afternoon together talking. But a true man is he who cuts off the ,ansoor of those who try to tear down the attributes of God’s crown.

You are the purpose of my seeking!

Indeed, the problem with the “two spirits in one body” language is that it does not affirm union and unity strongly enough; there are two spirits left whereas the Sufi fana’ texts speak of utter annihilation and annihilation in annihilation the annihilation of the consciousness of annihilationwith only one actor, the deity, left.

Al Hallaj often expressed his understanding of Oneness in paradoxical and beautifully poetic ways. Following a third pilgrimage to Mecca, he again returned to Baghdad c. He spoke in ways that shocked ordinary people but awakened and were understood and cherished by his fellow travelers.

You encompass everything with knowledge All that I see is you So grant forgiveness my God For there is nothing I wish for other than you.

Al-Ḥallāj | Islamic mystic |

The Caliph ordered that Hallaj’s dismembered body parts, which still repeated Anal-Haq, should be collected and burned immediately; for he feared that the growing consternation of his citizens could soon develop into a public outcry against him.

Yet he remains a controversial figure, revered by Rumi, hated by many, he was labeled an intoxicated Sufi and is still read today.

The Caliph then commanded Shebli to cast a stone also. Hallaj’s tormented body was left to bleed as hallak merged slowly into death. From Mecca he returned to Baghdad, and it was at this time that a group of orthodox theologians petitioned the Caliph of Baghdad with a charge of heresy against Hallaj.


The Robert Beer Blog

Contact our editors with your feedback. And I say to them: Al Hallaj was fearless in his actions, unswerving in his commitment to truth, and welcoming of his own death, repeatedly asking people to kill him for his infidelity few understood what he really meant, for they saw a pious devoted man dedicated to long acts of worship and spiritual work.

Therefore Nor the Abassids or Hallaj himself should be accountable for what happened. Mansur al-Hallaj Mansur al-Hallaj AD – the most controversial of all the Sufi saints – was gruesomely executed at the age of fifty-five for repeatedly proclaiming the heretical words, “I am the truth Anal-Haq.

Hallaj’s last words were, “The Love of the One separates you from all others. For the next five years he traveled through various regions of Persia and Central Asia in an exalted spiritual state, before returning to the town of Ahvaz near Basra, where he again donned the robes of a Sufi.

Retrieved from ” https: Chapter 1 is an homage to the Prophet Muhammad, for example, while Chapters 4 and 5 are treatments of the Prophet’s heavenly ascent ot Mi’raj.

Throughout that night his trunk, limbs and sensory organs kept up the constant repetition of Anal-Haq. Ernstthe legal notion of blasphemy was not clearly defined in Islamic law and statements of this kind were treated inconsistently by legal authorities.

And on this third night I have been brought back to fulfill the scripture, which states that a man in his senses should not proclaim ‘I am the Truth’. Then he attended a talk by Andrew Harvey at Omega and what he heard lit the fire of longing in his heart to communicate with the Divine. I am punishing him for revealing this secret. The new Cambridge history of Islam, Volume 4 1. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

He was first punched in the face by his executioner, then lashed until unconscious, and then decapitated [11] [12] or hanged.