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Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre Law () was published in July and replaces this former Forestry and Wildlife Law (). Peru, Ley , Ley Forestal y de la Fauna Silvestre (), arts. 6(c) and 32; Decreto supremo no. AG, Reglamento de la Ley Forestal y de la. Ley No. , Ley de Áreas Protegidas, El Peruano, 4 July Ley No. , Ley General de Expropiaciones, El Peruano, 20 May Ley No.

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We focus on the technical aspects driving the overall illegal logging crisis and do not address the important associated social issues. 27038 the larger context, reconciling forest conservation and logging cannot be attained until timber extraction is contained to authorized concessions and not rampant throughout the landscape.

The role of governance and norms in Peru.

Bioscience 62— Many of the violations pertain to the illegal extraction of CITES-listed timber species outside authorized areas. The fight for red gold: We present evidence that Peru’s legal logging concession system, established in the Forestry Law and later reinforced by the US—Peru TPA, is enabling widespread illegal logging.

Allocating logging rights in Peruvian Amazonia–does it matter to be local? Tree marked as cedar in the POA found to be another species. These findings lead us to conclude that the regulatory documents designed to promote sustainable logging are instead enabling illegal logging. See text for category explanations.

Decreto Legislativo Nº – Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre.

Analyzing official government data, we found that Timber extraction exceeding authorized volumes. Matt Finera, 1, 2 Clinton N.


As a result, much of the timber coming out of the Ldy Amazon is sourced outside of authorized concession areas. Although the general failings of the Peruvian logging system have been known for years, we present an up to date, comprehensive analysis to identify the geographic scale and legal violations related to the problem. Published online Apr This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

We present evidence that Peru’s legal logging concession system is enabling the widespread illegal logging via the regulatory documents designed to ensure sustainable logging. These GTFs are used to create a Balance of Extraction, which works as a type of debit system for monitoring the volume of each species extracted that year from each parcel Failure to pay for harvesting rights. Once timber in transit has a GTF, it is very difficult for authorities to identify the original source of the timber.

Abstract The Peruvian Amazon is an important arena in global efforts to promote 227308 logging in the tropics. Science—6 Violation Percent Illegal extraction of cedar Reconciling forest conservation and logging in Indonesian Borneo.

Figure was made with ArcGIS Fieldwork and analysis of satellite imagery supports these findings. However, the new Forestry Law maintains the same general logging concession system that is the subject of this study. Likewise, the main field inspection also occurs post-harvest.

Prospects for sustainable logging in tropical forests.

Support Center Support Center. Should a POA contain one of these species, a forest authority must physically inspect the concession to 2308 its presence prior to cutting to ensure that the eventually logged trees are indeed from the concession in question. The Forestry Law introduced a new regime for controlled access to Peru’s forest resources via a system of concessions, permits, and authorizations This reconciliation centers on the prospect of combining protected areas with forest logging concessions to better conserve forest across a larger area than possible by protected areas alone 28 However, comprehensive and quantitative analyses of precisely how existing legal frameworks facilitate this illegal logging are rare.


Footnotes The authors declare no competing financial interests. Results and discussion We grouped the logging concessions into four categories based on whether 273308 not they have been supervised and the results of those supervisions Figure 1Table 1.

A GTF includes information regarding the species, volume, and place of origin of the transported material. Corruption in Peru aids cutting of rain forest. Failure to pay harvesting rights within the established timeframe.

Logging Concessions Enable Illegal Logging Crisis in the Peruvian Amazon

Volume non-cedar documented in Balance of Extraction not from concession unit. Their central role is to carry out post-harvest field inspections, known as supervisions, to ldy that leu concessionaire complied with both the annual operating plan and national regulations Table 1 Status of logging concessions in the Peruvian Amazon.

Of the supervised concessions in Loreto, we obtained the resolutions for Of the six concessions with mahogany violations, four were documented after