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One major reason that rP is given willy-nilly to every monster, I think, is Mephitic Cloud, which brings me to my first suggestion: The idea of, “okay, most schools are supposed to be balanced so you can master them and have your character be powerful.

If it doesn’t fit anywhere else, it belongs here. Flame cloud is much harder to connect with a target and much easier to use with access to MC anyway.

Especially ignite poison, but also poison arrow. Tue Feb 09, 8: Fri Feb 05, 7: I think this topic https: I am not a very good player. I don’t know, I recently ran a poison mummy with the staff of olgreb and I think I’d been seriously underestimating how useful poison is throughout the entire non-extended game, with only minimal training.

It promotes interesting decisions where you choose when to swap over. Sat Dec 05, 6: It trivializes everything from orcs to yaks. That said; poison does actually have a dubious position. Fri Feb 05, 8: Granted, it’s not as useful as ozocubu’s refrigeration, but it comes in a starting book and doesn’t take nearly as long to get online.


It’s lacking in extended but that’s okay.

The New Yorker Digital Edition : Nov 17,

Mon Aug 18, 8: Mon Mar 18, Basically, I have almost never found it to be a good idea to focus on just one school of damage magic, and poison is just somewhat more skewed than the others in this respect.

As long as there is a major benefit training conjurations instead, I would be fine with the removing of the whole PM school. Tue Oct 30, 7: Complete your transmission by midnight tonight for a special free gift!

I’m not sure if it should be MR resistible doesn’t really feel like poison if it is, but it might need to be for balancing reasons?

Brighton High Homecoming parade winds through town

Last edited by HardboiledGargoyle on Fri Feb 05, 9: Tue Nov 29, We have another background that’s sort of like this, though Wz needs to look for the tools to get through Lair, not endgame.

Acid is resisted by very few lwy

Sun Jun 16, 2: The logic isnt quite there. Lots of high level spells are sub-optimal late game, but people still use them. It leaves the question though: And like everyone knows, Parrow is not a guaranteed spell. Arrow and trained Conj I do recommend having it to get a first hit in before major enemies come into range for stronger conjurations; but I wouldn’t recommend training Poison that high for P.

Without it, the 1969 of the spells don’t quite pull enough weight. However, with poison magic, this logic does not apply, because There are some rationales for why the status quo is ok, but they could just as easily apply to removing Tornado or Firestorm.


PA is the same level as Discord and Chain lightning? Wed Aug 07, 8: Mon Feb 08, 3: Mon Feb 08, Blink doesn’t help you kill things, which Wz needs.

Players Legend Trophies Ranking

Any other school’s mage WILL have 1906 transition into other skills and schools of magic, but no FE, IE, AE or EE has to deal with the problem of “my main starting skill doesnt provide anything resembling an end game offensive option so Lry have to wind up as something completely different from what i started. Wed Nov 20, That is fine, and has been sufficiently explained. Here are the main problems I think Poison Magic has.

Lair has multiple black mambas and spiny frogs, which have poison as their sole resistance; facing them as VM is no different than facing eight levels of molten gargoyles as a FE or AE.

Tue Jan 11, I’d take poison arrow over iron shot any day and probably LCS too. This perfectly fills the need for late game, high level spells which are actually relevant.