Kitajska študija: najcelovitejša kdajkoli izdelana študija o prehrani in osupljivih posledicah prehrane ter hujšanja na dolgoročno zdravje. Front Cover. Kitajska študija: najcelovitejša kdajkoli izdelana študija o prehrani in osupljivih posledacah prehrane ter hujšanja na dolgoročno zdravje. Front Cover. Kitajska študija kuharica: več kot receptov zdrave hrane. Front Cover. John A . McDougall, Leanne Campbell, Mary Ann McDougall, T. Colin Campbell.

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You may easily obtain a list of them from the Internet. All participants in the new study were healthy and not overweight or obese for their ages, and none had sleep apnea or recent surgery involving the airways.

Kitajska študija

Some other cause could be behind both the higher blood pressure readings and reduced sleep times. The researchers invited adolescents who had participated in a previous study on obstructive sleep apnea. He and his team wanted to examine the relationship between sleep and blood pressure in teens without other potential causes of high blood pressure, such as obesity or sleep apnea.


The researchers point out that previous studies have found that kids with short sleep times had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol kitaiska the morning, and that sleep deprivation may blunt the ability of blood vessels to respond to changes in pressure. Au says parents can help their kids get the sleep they need.

A total of kids between the kitjska of 10 and 18 completed the study. But during the hour sleep study, those kids fell asleep sooner and had longer total sleep times than the rest of the kids. Owens also said she hopes reports like this lead to long-term studies following sleep-deprived teens into their adult years.

In the current study, researchers also found that kids who got the least amount of sleep based on their sleep diaries generally had later bedtimes and woke up earlier every day. The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. On average, each hour of nightly lost sleep was associated with an increase of 2 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure the top number and 1 mm Hg in diastolic blood pressure.

Owens also told Reuters Health that disruptions in circadian rhythms might also contribute to cardiovascular risk.

Kitajska študija | T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell II | digital library Bookfi

In general, the children who had less total sleep during the week had slightly higher blood pressure measurements. She said this is an issue that affects all teenagers, not just kids who have sleep problems.


The study did not prove that short sleep duration would cause high blood pressure in adolescents.

No matter what technique you use, consistency and perseverance is the key to success. The kids filled out sleep diaries for seven days before they entered a sleep lab for hour sleep studies, where they were monitored for blood pressure, sleep duration and the quality of their sleep. NEW YORK Reuters Health – Beyond making teens sleepy during the day, staying up late may be raising their blood pressure, setting them up for later heart troubles, say Studiua researchers.