The Lost Continent of Mu [Col. James Churchward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mu was an immense continent covering nearly. LOST CONTINENT. OF MU by. Colonel James Churchward. (). James Churchward (). This material has been reconstructed from various. The Lost Continent of Mu here shown is a handwritten letter from Colonel James Churchward to Dr. Charles (Chas) D. Hart, dated 20 December The letter.

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The names Lemuria and Mu have been used interchangeably for the lost continent, although Churchward calls it Mu exclusively. Beagle Round the World”: Mu is the name of a suggested lost continent whose concept and name were proposed by 19th-century traveler and writer Augustus Le Kuwho claimed that several ancient civilizations, such as those of Egypt and Mesoamericawere created by refugees from Mu—which he stated was located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Sacred Symbols of Mu Index

And just recently, the discovery of human hair dating back 10, to 12, years ago at an archaeological dig in Woodburn, Oregon, during ? Having translated ancient tablets, there are fascinating comparisons between different religions and myths. With access to more esoteric literature, and eyewitness accounts from more travelers to these places of ruins, the average person has a better picture of the probable past.

One of the Mayan codices that survived the Spanish conquest, The Troano manuscript now in the British Museumdescribes the destruction of Mu ” years before the writing of this book ” – which is approximated at 5, years old.

James Churchward

Timely issues facing the world today are prefaced in the Churchward book series: He also claimed that he was able to discern writing from Mu on a mysterious set of tablets discovered in Mexico by an explorer named William Niven.

This is the lot of Churchward’s search for the lost continent, from the vaults of an Indian temple to the four cor Mu was an immense continent covering nearly one-half of the Pacific Ocean.

Mar 13, Ayse Sen rated it liked it. This was my second losh of the book, probably 50 years apart. He claimed that according to the creation myth he read in the Indian tablets, Mu had been lifted above sea level by the expansion of underground volcanic gases.


UK-based electronic music record-label Planet Mu has released three compilation albums with titles copied from Churchward’s own books: Map of Bimini Road drawn after aerial and underwater surveys carried out by the Poseidia 75 expedition, sponsored by the A. NCV was taboo, as politics, finance and the “Steel Juggernaut” closed ranks.

Churchwqrd 26, Mick Glasgow rated it liked it. He was in charge of a tea plantation for some years, and while in India, befriended a Rishi at a temple school monastery possibly Hemislearning about Mu ju Motherland” from countless Naacal tablets of clay, written churchwarrd Naga, allegedly around the time of the last destruction of Mu 12, to This was revealed by Peter Tompkins who had the information from unimpeachable sources in his Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids.

Chichen Itza and “Chinyinez” the latter as near to what I can remember phonetically. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In one of the western Tibetan monasteries he viewed a map which showed South America as it was Le Plongeon claimed that the civilization of ancient Egypt was founded by Queen Moo, a refugee from the land’s demise. According to Mahikari teachings in Japan also called “Mioshie” which are based on Shintoism, Japan was once part of the continent of Mu, which stretched across the Churchwarf five or six thousand miles from east to west, and 3, miles north to south.

South American geologist E. An amusing anecdote was related by Charles Berlitz: The tablets described the land of Mu, the Lemuria of the Theosophists. Navy, show that there is.

Dana in The Geological Tale. Some corroboration is provided in the discovery of large amounts of volcanic dust completely mixed in the Alaskan, Asian and Siberian “muck,” indicating volcanism occurred at or just before the phenomenon which instantly flash-froze entire herds of imperial mammoths 10, years ago. Inat the age of 75, he published The Lost Continent of Mu: Churchward claimed that the landmass of Mu was located in the Pacific Ocean, and stretched east—west from the Marianas to Easter Islandand north—south from Hawaii to Mangaia.

Then, he was dragged through court procedures and made to prove he was expert enough to have invented NCV Steeland describe the steps mandatory in establishing grounds for a patent.

Records there are, with more coming to light every day. And Cayce refers to a war between Urlats Ural-Altaics?

I highly doubt, for example, that anyone has ever observed a Mexican person speaking indigenous languages in conversation with a Japanese person without need for a translator. Smithone of its botanists, had collected evidence indicating the existence of a large continent in the Southwest Pacific some 20 million years ago. Canals connected contnent with the Pacific coast, a water route between Mu and Atlantis, south of Tiahuanaco.


At another site, the Peruvian temple of El Fuerte below images – dated by archaeologist Albert Meijer as Pre-Incansandstone forming the mountain temple contains many fossilized remains of marine life, indicating it was once below sea level.

Shasta and throughout the western states? He also gives this same route for the Naacal tablets, from which both Zoroastrian and Osirian religions sprang, so both statements about Moses mesh.

However I am quite suspectful about the tablets that he says he found in India. According to Churchward, Mu “extended from somewhere north of Hawaii to the south as far as the Fijis and Easter Island. By the s explorer Nicholas Roerich also reported viewing such records while touring Tibet. In our journey westward across the Atlantic we shall churchhward in sight of that spot where once existed the pride and life of the ocean, the Land of Mu, which, at the epoch that we have been considering, had not yet been visited by the wrath of Human, that lord of janes fires to whose fury it afterward fell a victim.

It is clear that Churchward has done numerous years of lowt, even if his theory never quite seems able to hold water.

Mu (lost continent)

He claimed that symbols of the sun are found “depicted on stones of Polynesian ruins”, such as the stone hats pukao on top of the giant moai statues of Easter Island. A very opinionated author who is very keen on establishing his authority, if nothing else. And conversely, if there had been continents in those areas recently, hardly any thickness of deep-sea sediment would be found, merely a thin layer draped over a very rough topography which had once been above water, subjected to weatherizing and stress action “subaerial topography”.