As one of the introduction species, Betutu Fish has an important role to the controlling effort at P.B Soedirman Reservoir. Generally, the population index of the. This Pin was discovered by novitta sary. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Jual Buku Budi Daya Ikan Betutu Marble, Granite, Marbles .. Marbled Goby or Soon Hock Oxyeleotris marmorata Ikan Ketutu, 笋壳鱼 – A type of foodfish in.

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For the whole water quality aspect, whether physic or chemistry that has been measured during the research in the reservoir was still in normal range. View original from jurnal. Retrieved 18 June Marble goby derived from the marble stone colored skin. Retrieved 22 July You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The population of parameter has been analyze by quantative method, while the ilan of water quality against to the abundance used the Spearman Rank correlation analysis method.

In Malaysia, commercialization of this type of fish is not widely established. It is said, best eaten after surgeries or childbirths.

Basic vietnamese style consist chilli, lemongrass, garlic, and shallots. But since my sister not really like steamed fish, she asked me to deep fried it.

Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages. Demands are largely dependent on wild populations, thus fetching high prices in the market.

Eleotris marmorata Bleeker, Bostrichthys marmoratus Bleeker, Gigantogobius jordani Fowler, Callieleotris platycephalus Fowler, Bteutu from ” https: This site uses cookies. Tuong Ot Xa can be served as a condiment for noodle, grilled protein, or even steamed fish.

This largest freshwater goby can reach 10 kg in suitable inviroment. Make sure you set the fire at the highest and put the fish right after the oil reach smoking hot.

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ikan betutu

B Soedirman Reservoir; and also b the influence of environmental factors on the abundance of Betutu Fish in P. It is highly popular among the Chinese community due to its fine texture, tasty white flesh and is believed to have healing properties.

It can also be found in the aquarium trade. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Even the name is chilli and lemongrass, this kickin sauce consist a lot of ingredients. Soak the dried dried prawn, drain and process it until formed fine paste, set aside Process the all the chilli, lemongrass, garlic, and shallots until formed betutuu fine paste, set aside Heat up the oil in a heavy bottom sauce pan until fragrant add the chilli paste and saute another 3 minutes Add the vinegar, ian sauce and season with salt, pepper and palm sugar Add the water and bring it to boil, simmer it until the liquid evaporates and the sauce thicken.

I like to make a couple jar of this chilli and lemongrass sauce and using it for quicky chicken stir frymushrooms stir fry or nasi goreng fried rice. Ikab marmorata Kkan It is supported by the Spearman Rank analysis that concerns about the correlation of physic and water chemistry to the density; and it turned out to be that both of the element have correlation even though not too netutu.

This technique make the fish skin is crispy and the flessh is still moist and succulent.

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In Malaysia, commercialization of this type of fish is not widely established. This order Gobiiformes goby related article is a stub.


This species is an economically important fish in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Demands are largely dependent on wild populations thus fetching high prices in the market.

Expensive Marble Goby Fish Rp. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Oxyeleotris marmorata Conservation status. Views Read Edit View history. This species is an economically important fish, being sought after by local commercial fisheries and farmed.

Season the fish with salt, pepper, kaffir lime juice and turmeric powder Let it marinated for about 30 minutes in the fridge Drain the fish well Heat up enought oil for deep frying in a deep fryer until smoking hot Put the fish into the deep fryer and deep fried it for about minutes until the skin is nice golden brown Drain the fish from the oil Vietnamese Chilli and Lemongrass Sauce Recipe: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is caused by the existence of the introduction fish that threat the indigenous fish species, so the population becomes homogeneous.

You May Also Like:. This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat This research is using the survey method with purposive random sampling, in 9 location which has been done twice on June and July Generally, the population index of the indigenous fresh water species has decreased.

Beside, rice vinegar, fish sauce, palm sugar and sometimes dried prawn added to enhanced the flavour.