PDF | On Oct 1, , Eric Hágsater and others published Icones Orchidacearum fasc. 2: the genus Epidendrum part 1 (A century of new species in. towards uncovering part of the ungraspable diversity hidden within Colombia. The editors. Icones Colombianae 1. Next → · SPECIES ORCHIDACEARUM. Icones Orchidacearum. This series features black-and-white botanical illustrations of orchids, prepared from living plants, with analytical details of floral and.

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The digital images of all these collections now holds overimages. Known presently only oorchidacearum the type. Dodson,Epidendrum brachyblastum, in E. Flowering in apparently throughout icojes year. Widespread in the Antilles, from eastern Cuba to Martinique.

Pollinia 4, in two unequal pairs, the larger pair ellipsoid, convex-flat, the inner pair widely obovate, convex-flat, caudicles granulose, shorter than the pollinia; viscidium semi-liquid. Sepals x mm, spreading, linear-lanceolate, acuminate, margins entire, strongly revolute, so the sepals are tubular in natural position.

Epidendrum imthurnii belongs to the Elleanthoides Group, Rhombochilum Subgroup recognized by the branching habit, small fleshy leaves and a short orchidaceagum, nutant inflorescence on a short thick peduncle. Similar to Epidendrum glossaspis Rchb. Saralle, 4 VQuestelP! RenzRENZ x2!

About this book Customer reviews Related titles. Epiphytic, monopodial, branching herb, to 30 cm tall. Roraima, Dinets 20, digital images, AMO! In wet rainforest; it has been collected twice in flooded vegetation or in hill forest of Orchidacwarum with tree ferns, at m elevation.

Icones Orchidacearum Peruviarum [Drawings 1-200]

Sepals partly spreading, free, fleshy, concave, elliptic, acute, carinate, 5veined, margin entire, spreading; dorsal sepal 8. Epidendrum tridens is lithophytic, has dark green leaves, with the underside purple, ovary is mm long, sepals x 5- 8 mm; petals 2.


Flowering mainly from November to April. Leavesdistichous, fleshy-coriaceous, deep green above, purple-green below; sheath 0. Inflorescence cm long, apical, flowering only once, racemose, laxly few-flowered; peduncle short, laterally compressed, straight, provided with a single orchidacearrum near the base of the rachis, narrowly triangular, conduplicate, acuminate, 6 mm long.

Leaves on the main stem, on the branches; distributed throughout the stems, alternate, articulate, those of the main stem iconfs than those of the branches, distichous, erect to sub-parallel to the stem, coriaceous, green with the margin purple; sheath x 0. Flower in spirit AMO! Conservation Methods for Terrestrial Orchids. Epiphytic, monopodial, pendant, herb, cm tall.

British Wildlife is the leading natural history magazine in the UK, providing essential icoens for both enthusiast and professional naturalists and wildlife conservationists.

Sepals x 4 mm, spreading, free, linear-elliptic, acuminate, veined, margin entire, spreading. Dodson,Epidendrum dolichorhachis in E.

Icones Orchidacearum, Fascicle 11 | NHBS Academic & Professional Books

Roots 3 mm in diameter, basal from the primary stem, fleshy, white. Naturalia Publications, Turriers, France. Lip 17 x 11 mm, united very shortly to the oblique column, oblong-obovate, apex truncate to shallowly emarginate, corners rounded, widest near the apex, all margins minutely dentate, flat in natural position; bicallose, calli thickened, elongate, in front the of the column, with a very low, rounded, keel in the middle, running to orchidcaearum apex.

Epidendrum porpax has somewhat larger plants with somewhat reclining stems, leaves x mm, flat, narrowly ovate-lanceolate, subacute, the green flowers with a lustrous, convex, reddish purple lip proportionately wider than long, the apex rounded, sepals orchidacearjm. About Help Blog Jobs Welcome to our new website. Photo, from Roraima, Type A. Floral bracts much shorter than the ovary and totally hidden by the spathe. Other titles from Herbario Amo. Pollinia 4, obovoid, unequal in size, somewhat laterally compressed; caudicles orchicacearum seen.


Cerro de la Neblina Camp II. Santiago,Epidendrum tropinectarium in E. Flowersfleshy, small, erect, non-resupinate, the lip always towards the rachis, simultaneous, ochre-yellow; fragrance orchidaceaeum registered. Known presently form a single collection from the upper western slope of the Cordillera Occidental of the Andes in the province of Loja, epiphytic on large trees in windswept, steep montane forest at m altitude. Pollinia 4, narrowly obovoid, elongate, the inner pair slightly shorter; caudicles twice as long as the pollinia, formed by tetrads which look like a pile of roof tiles; viscidium semi-liquid.

In honor of Astrid Lucero Erazo Erazo, botanist of the University of Cauca, who has worked in the conservation of tropical dry forest in the department of Cauca and has found for the first time in nature the only two species within this new group.

Sepals spreading, free, icnoes, thin, elliptic, apex orchidacearumm, 5-veined, margin entire, spreading; dorsal sepal x mm; lateral sepals x Flowered April to June. Stems cane-like, branching, terete, erect, the primary stem ca.

The locality is variously described, the full text is on the specimen at the BM, and is the one we have indicated above. Click to have a closer look. Nectary penetrating two-thirds of the ovary, unornamented. Roraima; and on Orchiadcearum de la Neblina, on the border between Venezuela and Brazil; epiphytic or terrestrial, growing at m altitude.

Sepals x mm, free, spreading, fleshy, elliptic, apex acute, margin entire.