To obtain the most up-to-date version of this data sheet, please register at our You can determine the version of a data sheet by examining its literature. HVLG-G from Supertex, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Supertex HVLG. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability.

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Supertex cannot assume responsibility for use of circuitry described; no circuit patent licenses are implied; and Supertex reserves the right to change said circuity at any time without notice.

HV9910B Datasheet

The boost switching occurs in response to the drive current of all the connected LED and thus supports variations in LED forward-bias volt age drop VF. The NTE is an integrated circuit in a 13—Lead SIP type package that contains the vertical deflection output circuit with a driver for small—aperture maximum deflection current 1.

This can be datasyeet for high power application. Kansas City, KS Phone: Specifications are subject to change without notice. It enables drive of LED Array of dpi in one side disposition, dpi in both sides disposition.

Please log in to request free sample. Owens Crossroads, AL Phone: The full audio of all the Niyyats, Doas and Munajaats can be downloaded here. The new type of capacitor has a space-saving design with two, three or even ten identical capacitors connected in parallel on the same terminal to increase the capacitance.

Quran and Namaz in Flash. Life Datasgeet Policy As a general policy, Supertex inc.

  13CRMO4 5 PDF

HVLG Datasheet(PDF) – Supertex, Inc

Potential health hazards posed by Lead Pb contamination are a major concern to everyone. Oak Park, MI Phone: Option 2 For example: Los Angeles, CA Phone: Further, Supertex does not support the use of non-Green mold compounds plus Pb-Free plating hg9910lg. The MAP provide a 0. A list of all the Munajaats available, which umineen can pray during bihori, can be viewed here. Low Harmonic Distortion 1 2 – – – 6 Supertex inc. Use HV for new designs. Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey Phone: Box Oley, PA Phone: Output current ripple will depend on inductor selection in conjunction with input and output voltages as well as output current and component selection.

Ho Chi Minh City Phone: Microsoft PowerPoint Dua Author: The boost converter switching FET is external to the device, so its resistance will vary depending upon the application circuit. Supertex recommends its customers download the latest version from the Supertex web site www. San Diego, CA Phone: St Louis, MO Phone: Other features found datasheett the NCL include a high datasheeet startup circuitdatashet feedforward, brown out hv9910og, internal overload timer, datashedt input and a high accuracy multiplier.

Fort Lauderdale, FL Phone: Code for standard tin-lead product: The LTC requires only four small ceramic capacitors plus two resistors to form a complete 3-display LED power supply and current controller.

Page 11 Acts that gain closeness to Allah and acts of taqarrub pdf. Download, listen and Contribute Download Audio mp3 Files. The Dynamic headroom control circuit in the LM minimizes power dissipation on the external MOSFETs by adjusting the output voltage of the primary switching power supply according to the changing forward voltage of the LED s.

Contents Supertex Life Support Policy Be the first one to write a review.


Our direct and close customer involvement allows us to develop products dqtasheet processes that hc9910lg real market value and bring timely and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Eden Prairie, MN Phone: This device has such features as greatly reduced number of external parts and low power dissipation. Since both DC feedback and AC feedback can be provided inside the IC, it is easy to design the vertical deflection circuit. This product has a minimum quantity of Cedar Rapids, IA Phone: Liability of Supertex to circuits it manufactures is limited to the replacement of such circuits if they are determined to be defective due to workmanship and not due to misuse hv9910lv mishandling.

Please review product page below for detailed information, including HVLG-G price, datasheets, in-stock availability, technical difficulties. The IC works with a wide operating supply range 2.

hv99108ng datasheet

To achieve these levels in the semiconductor manufacturing process, Supertex uses only mold compounds and substrate materials that contain less than ppm of chlorine and bromine, known datxsheet halogens, and avoids the use of brominated flame retardant Sb2O3 listed by IARC as a carcinogen where technically and economically possible. Specifications Contact Us Ordering Guides. Santa Clara, CA Phone: Also, an under voltage lockout UVLO circuit is built-in to prevent incorrect operation when the battery voltage drops.

The single stage is based on the flyback converter and it is designed to operate in continuous conduction CCM.