At A Glance. This document covers the HP ProLiant BLc G7 server blade only . HP ProLiant BLc Generation 7 (G7) Server Blade. ProLiant BLc Server pdf manual download Page HP BladeSystem c Enclosure QuickSpecs . chipset, the two models of BLc G7 are now The HP ProLiant BLc G7 Server Blade is a world-leading blade that supports up . QuickSpecs URL.

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Capitalizing on HP ProLiant server and HP BladeSystem capabilities requires a service partner who understands your increasingly complex business technology environment. For additional information quickspeca sizing your server, please reference: This ultimately enables them to dynamically keep pace with the organization’s changing business requirements.

bl68c0 Memory Subsystem Architecture Intel Xeon E7 Family, and series memory architecture is designed qjickspecs take advantage of multiple stages of memory interleaving to reduce latency and increase bandwidth.

A controller cache module selection is required. The TPM Trusted Platform Module is a microcontroller chip that can securely store artifacts used to authenticate the server platform. For more information about this service, please visit: The TPM Trusted Platform Module is a microcontroller chip that can securely store artifacts used to authenticate the server platform.

Up to 2 processors supported.

For trade-in information, please go to: This table is for reference only. A minimum of two Gigabytes 2 GB of server memory is required per each adapter. Population guidelines While adhering to the memory population rules “Population rules” – see aboveperformance can be improved by following the guidelines below: Please consult the EBS connectivity matrix at: Please see the QuickSpecs for additional information: This limits the standard configuration to RAID 0 and 1.


For the complete range of StorageWorks tape drives, autoloaders, libraries and media, including the internal fitting models, see: If a third-party rack is used, observe the following additional requirements to ensure adequate airflow and to prevent damage to the equipment:.

For additional License Kits, including electronic licensing options, please see the QuickSpecs at: Optional enclosure redundant Onboard Administrator system management module. Up to 16 slots supported: For the complete range of StorageWorks tape drives, autoloaders, libraries and media see: Insight Control server deployment includes one year of 24 x 7 HP Software Technical Support and Update Service ensuring rapid access to HP support staff and proactive delivery of software updates.

Our portfolio of service b680c reduce deployment and management worries while helping you get the most out of your server and storage investments. This arrangement ensures proper airflow. Choose Required Options only one of the following from each list unless otherwise noted. Always use blanking panels to fill all remaining empty front panel U-spaces in the rack.

Input Gp per power supply. Licenses ship without media. Please refer to the user guide for additional memory configuration requirements. Memory Mirroring provides a copy of memory stored with dynamic failover in case of failure within socket intra-socket memory mirroring. Maximum resolution available via iLO3 remote console is x for 32 bit color and x DVR max resolution.

Preconfigured Performance models save valuable deployment time at a discounted bundle price.

HP ProLiant BL680c Specification

The clearance between the installed rack component and the side panels of the rack must quickpecs a minimum of 2. This arrangement ensures proper airflow. For additional license kits, including electronic delivery options, please see the QuickSpecs at: HP Proactive Select menu offers a broad set of service options that you can mix and match depending on your specific requirements.


Supports up to W; single wide cards only. Contact your local sales representative bl680x information on Factory Integrated Model product offerings and requirements. Standard 1st2nd3rd and 4th 3. Please see the following link: It also enables IT organizations to provision infrastructure consistently and automatically from pools of shared resources using a self-service portal. A travel and labor charge will result when customers decline to replace a Mandatory CSR part; 2 Optional CSR parts are also designed for easy replacement but may involve added complexity.

Customer will receive a printed license entitlement certificate via physical shipment. Maximum all hard drives, power supplies, and processors installed.

HP Proliant BLc G5 Quickspecs

Hewlett-Packard offers end-of-life HP product return, trade-in, and recycling programs in many geographic areas. Processors with a QPI speed of 6. Advanced ECC provides additional protection over standard ECC because it is possible to correct certain memory errors that would otherwise be uncorrectable and result in a server failure.

One 1 integrated Lights-Out 3. Using a rack without blanking panels results in improper cooling that can lead to thermal damage.