The Great Heresies [Hilaire Belloc] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hilaire Belloc examines the five most destructive heretical movements. In this new edition of a classic work, the great Catholic apologist and historian Hilaire Belloc examines the five most destructive heretical movements in. The Great Heresies has ratings and 58 reviews. Ben said: Another eye opening history from a very readable writer. Hilaire Belloc was half English, ha.

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Hilaire Belloc circa I’m glad to have found Belloc, and I continue to feel drawn to these great Catholic authors. It expressed their dissatisfaction with the despotic rule of Constantinople and with the taxes imposed upon them and with the promotion given to greatt near the court at the expense of the provincials-and all the rest of their grievances. The claim has been made and continues hhilaire be made, and those who make it are in unbroken continuity with those who made it in the beginning.


Second, the sudden release of the Church by Constantine. Therefore, although it began by giving to our Lord every possible honour and glory short of the actual Godhead, it would inevitably have led in the long run into mere unitarianism and the treating of our Lord at last as a prophet and, however exalted, no more than a prophet.

The future of English Christianity will be ever more Catholic, whilst Protestantism withers away. One might sum up and say that the contrast between the Mohammedan world of those early centuries and the Christian world which it threatened to overwhelm was like the contrast between a modern industrialized state and a backward, half-developed state next door to it: They were easier to discipline, they were much cheaper to hire than citizens were.

They launched many persecutions against the Church, ending in one final and very drastic persecution which failed. I’m pretty sure I’ve read this and appreciated it immensely, but I get it confused with another book by an early 20th century Frenchman whose name I am mortified to admit I don’t recall at the moment.


Thus are we now in the presence of the most momentous question that has yet been presented to the mind of man. Within a hundred years, a main part of the Roman world had fallen under the power of this new and strange force from the Desert. Although Belloc does not mention it, the current attempt by nationalist Catalonians to defend them is just a show of historical ignorance. God had come down to earth and become Incarnate as a Man.

Hilaire Belloc on The Great Heresies (Review)

The Protestant “heresy” investigation in particular is disappointing: There was slavery everywhere. At one level, it is a book about historical heresies, including Arianism, Albigensianism, Protestantism — as well as what you call a great modern heresy, yet unnamed …. It is used vaguely because the modern mind is as averse to precision in ideas as it is enamoured of precision in measurement. Merely to say that Arianism was what it was doctrinally is to enunciate a formula, but not to give the thing itself.

They would not so become unless there were something in themselves. Hilaire Belloc was half English, half French, a one time MP and a prolific writer known as “the man who wrote a library”.

herdsies I wasn’t even aware of the Albigenians until I read this book. Belloc claims that this heresy was not actually a single heresy, but rather a collection of various heresies, somewhat breaking his own initial definition of a heresy as a “com Interesting if you want a survey of important heresies described in the framework of Church history.

First they rise with great violence and become fashionable; they do so by insisting on some one of the great Catholic doctrines in an exaggerated fashion; and because the great Catholic doctrines combined form the only full and satisfactory philosophy known to mankind, each doctrine is bound to have its special appeal.

Hilaire Belloc isn’t a well-known name these days, but he was an influential writer back in the early 20th century.

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Browse All Religious Education. Many intellectuals were in the same position. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: This comes out distinctly as Belloc turns to the Ggreat.


But your heretic, who disputes the orthodox canon of criticism, says, “It seems to me that the biographer of the Thaumaturge may have been telling lies, but that he would not have mentioned the basilica and the date unless contemporaries knew, as well as he did, that there was a basilica in Vienna at that date. I am not sure I understand his arguments, but I did understand this much. They were also less used to the arts and comforts of civilization than the citizens within the frontiers.

He gave to Our Lord the highest reverence, and to Our Lady also, for that matter. In The Great Heresiesfurthermore, he makes many grand declarations with the support of nary a citation. It was Christianity lite. In a way Belloch greta to be driven by a desire to exalt the Church with no regard about the danger of sacrificing the very values the Church upholds in the process.

The Great Heresies, by Hilaire Belloc

Our world, passing out of the old Paganism of Greece and Rome towards the consummation of Christendom and a Catholic civilization from which we all derive, is the very negation of the same world leaving the light of its ancestral religion and sliding back into the dark. The first conflict had turned on the use of a Greek word which means “of the same substance with. But after a long enough time and enough wars, the current view of Christianity as split into two took hold, which Belloc holds had extremely pernicious consequences for both the thinking and the organization of Western civilization.

Jun 19, Sara rated it it was amazing.

Careful to tell the story from both sides, greaf draws conclusions that are convicting because of their historical accuracy and theological reasonableness. So it is with Arianism.