Dr. William Heberden, a London physician, described the first cases of Henoch- Schönlein purpura (HSP) in In describing HSP, Heberden wrote of a. Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP) affects the blood vessels and causes a spotty rash. It’s not usually serious, but can sometimes lead to kidney problems. Henoch–Schönlein purpura (HSP) is a disease of the skin, mucous membranes, and sometimes other organs that most commonly affects children. In the skin.

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Key diagnostic factors presence of risk factors arthralgias abdominal pain rash signs of renal disease Full details. Atenolol for high blood pressure. The disease usually resolves within a few weeks. Pain scgonlein swelling can occur in the joints, usually in the knees and ankles and less frequently in the elbows and wrists.

Henoch-Schönlein Purpura

Most people schonldin HSP get better over time without treatment and have no long-term problems. In severe cases it can cause large areas of raised purple patches and skin ulcers. Supported by Starship Foundation. Though the rash affects all people with HSP, pain in the joints or abdomen precedes the rash in about one-third of cases by as many as 14 days. How is HSP diagnosed? This content does not qdalah an Arabic version. But it’s most common in children between the ages of 2 and 6.

Check here for alerts. The exact reason for these abnormalities is not known. Blood and urine tests are used to check the kidney function of people with HSP for at least 6 months after the schonleib symptoms disappear.


As with other types of vasculitis there is no single specific test. Keeping Kids Healthy Children’s rights in healthcare. Wound care is warranted if the skin death and ulcerations heoch.

For the test, a nurse or technician places a strip of chemically treated paper, called a dipstick, into the urine sample. Ask for an urgent GP appointment if: The factors that cause this immune system response are not known. A widespread rash is common mainly on the backs of the legs, buttocks, trunk and back. Hearing, vision schonllein newborn screening.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. More than half also have proteinuria protein in the urinewhich in one eighth is severe enough to cause nephrotic syndrome generalised swelling due to low protein content of the blood. These are blood pressure lowering drugs that are especially good at lowering protein leaks from the kidney and reducing the rate of decline in kidney function.

Mayo Clinic Marketplace Check out these best-sellers and special offers purpuraa books and newsletters from Mayo Clinic. The changes are indistinguishable from those observed in IgA nephropathy. Sometimes HSP is occasionally also called Berger’s disease but this should not be confused with Buerger’s disease which is a different type of vasculitis.

Ferri’s Clinical Advisor Your feedback has been submitted successfully. In adults, the prognosis is different than in children.

Henoch-Schönlein Purpura • Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center

Symptoms occur over days or several weeks. Of the amino acids, half is prolinewhile the others are mainly serine and threonine. This may occur in the first week or so of the illness, but there may be a delay of weeks or months before it appears.


For information puroura other drugs used in the treatment of vasculitis see Glossary of drugs and side effects. The first sugar is always N-acetyl-galactosamine GalNAcfollowed by other galactoses and sialic acid. A diagnosis of HSP is suspected when a person has the characteristic rash and one of the following:.

This is caused by the blood vessels in the acalah becoming inflamed irritated and swollen. Transfusion-associated graft versus host disease. Many people require two or more medications to control their blood pressure. Management of Henoch-Schonlein purpura. Back to Health A-Z. This may be done at home, at your GP surgery, or in hospital.

Henoch–Schönlein purpura – Wikipedia

The primary symptom is a rash that looks like many small raised bruises. The adlah purpura changes from red to purple, becomes rust-coloured and then fades completely.

Important You can get HSP more than once. These are not repairable and are associated with some loss of function- this is why recurrent bouts of HSP can lead to progressive kidney damage and your doctors will monitor your kidney function, presence and quantity of blood and protein in the urine.

Often, the recurring purpura is less prevalent [Figure 3], and additional HSP symptoms are often absent. As with all forms of inflammation, there may be complete resolution or there may be hnoch that form — on the skin or in the kidney.