He recently gained a promotion at a Big Four firm in India to senior consultant and boasts something few applicants have: An award from the. Get Sandy Kriesberg’s advice to make handicapping your odds of to gain an MBA experience at one of the very best business schools in the. HBSGuru Sandy Kreisberg assesses the chances of an MBA applicants who works for Deloitte Consulting & wants to go to Harvard, Wharton.

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This year-old Indian male graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi and works as a management consultant at Bain, gaining two promotions in three years. Just because of the powerful stats, with a mbz perfect quant score, and the patents, I think you would be a walk-in at Kellogg, Tuck and Ross as long as you can convince them you want to go.

John Dec 31, Read Article. From the Archives View More. Congressman, running his entire reelection campaigns and overseeing a staff of three to ten hansicapping.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds: Ms. Agri-Chemical Compliance

John Dec 31, Read Article. You also are competing with people who also have GMATs and may have a cleaner work history. You should say that would be an ideal job for you. This year-old former brand manager now works as a digital marketing strategist for a major financial services firm in the Washington, D. She is hoping that an MBA will allow her to transition to a consulting role in the nonprofit or public sector. I think they might. Take it three or four times handivapping you have to.


Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds

Indian Dec 30, Read Article. Anderson Dec 30, Read Article. Log in to stop seeing this registration popup.

There is no victim history that will help you at Stanford. The fact that you are a writer is interesting. Anderson Dec 30, Read Article. You might be a stronger candidate next year because you started out as a software engineer and you now identify in tech product management.

A Hedge Fund Analyst. After a two-year stint in a leadership development program at a Coca-Cola bottler in Brazil, this year-old is now in a middle-management job with his company.

There is nothing more important that you can do than to raise your standrdized test score. This year-old white male professional has two super hot things going for him: Guess The School I.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds: Ms. Agri-Chemical Compliance

You are not some smart woman who majored in Chiense and then worked for McKinsey for two years. Even seasoned admission officers frequently have to think about GRE scores. And if you just have a short question, he is happy to answer that, too. Wharton would go hanicapping the numbers, especially if you work for PayPal.

Adcoms dig that for several reasons.

To pivot to product marketing management at a FAANG-level firm, continuing my woman-in-tech representation work, hopefully with company support. Make hanidcapping you let us know your current job. But his ultimate goal is to start his own tech-based political consulting firm.

Byrne on January 22, 65 Comments 46, Views. I think for them, it is just a matter of proving to them that you want to come. With a GMAT and a 3. Registration provides access to exclusive content and features.


Anderson Dec 30, Read Article. That begins to smell like business school. The extras are overrated in many cases.

I think you would be a strong Harvard applicant. I am using that as a proxy for thinking you are more social, more articulate than the average engineer. Your GMAT is a plus.

Study for those standardized tests, whichever one you can do best on.

Was not prepared for the engineering curriculum. Or will they get dinged by their dream schools?

He works for a FANG company that would be Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or Googleand he works in analytics, one of the hottest business disciplines right now. My tough love for you: Your job at Shell helps a lot. Anderson Dec 30, Read Article. The question is how many of those candidates are there and are there enough of them who are better than you?

After graduating from Babson College with a degree in finance and accounting, he landed a job as an auditor for a Big Four accounting firm. Do they have a chance? This year-old professional has spent the past five years in ever increasing roles of responsibilty at General Motors in sales and marketing IT. The fact you are a woman working in a tech environment is a positive. Do they have a chance? You are a classic Indian male engineer with a couple of plus factors.