Summary: A long ago prophecy of a child being born in the Half World to heal the rift between the three realms seems to be coming true when a. Melanie follows her now-vanished mother into Half World, a magical limbo populated by gruesome semi-humans and characterized by despair. “Half World is a haunting combination of a coming-of-age novel and a spiritual quest, a mad funhouse of horrors and a tale of redemption and love. Wonderfully .

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Weirdly, though, I found the imagery in this hiromj less horrifying than in the first, although it may be because this time I knew what to expect. Apr 18, Nnedi rated it really liked it. She was responsible for the things she chose.

In an ideal system, when one passes from the Realm of the Flesh they enter the Half World to work out the most traumatic part of their life before ascending to the Realm of the Spirit and then being born again back into the Realm of the Flesh. But try to live it fully.

Half World by Hiromi Goto, illustrated by Jillian Tamaki

The interior has illustrations as wodld, just as Half World did. Open Preview See a Problem? However, the novel does not therefore resort to destroying the villains but to trying reasonably hard at empathy and redemption, knowing full well the risk that poses to the protagonists.

You can tell that the author has a real picture in her head, of Melanie’s poor apartment, her hiding places, the tunnel leading to the other world an Half World is the darkest Asian Fantasy novel I’ve read so far. All in all, as far as Asian Fantasy goes, I do prefer other works.


It’s up to Goyo to alter the hxlf and connect them once more. I love rats, and it’s always exciting to see a rat hero. The coarse umbers of barks, glowing with grey-blue lichen.

The illustrations sprinkled within the chapters are beautiful made the story more enjoyable. His face was gaunt but his skin seemed to hang from his bones, as if it were too loose. Only, Baby G gogo a baby anymore, he’s a teenage boy. It was hard to find the cadence and I sort of limped along through those first chapters. So yeah, if you haven’t read this book already, you should go and read it. And, to make me even happier, it’s Canadian!

There is also absolutely no romance in this story.

Darkest Light (Half World, #2) by Hiromi Goto

A notable book with a character you should take the time to get to know. It just didn’t work for me and never drew me in like the excellent cover had.

Catharine rated it really liked it Jan 30, Folks Seem to Like These the Best. There are no discussion hiroji on this book yet.

The book drew me in right from the beginning. Those being who were trapped in Half World when the cycle broke down must undergo their traumas repeatedly, but with ihromi hope of redemption, and most have been driven mad by the constant pain of their situation. Learning who she was through each of those decisive moments–sometimes unbelievably brave, sometimes selfish and hard-hearted, sometimes naive–made me feel as if I knew her much more than a flashback to gym class might revealed.


View all 3 comments. How can she possibly still be conscious and moving after all of this?! Lincoln rated it really liked it. Instead it paints everything in Half World in shapes of muted gray like it was on purpose or somethingmaking the characters there less able to act morally because of their pain, makes their selfishness and vanity and fear much more understandable.

Half World – Hiromi Goto #Diversiverse

The ending was perfect, absolutely bittersweet and heartbreaking in a good way I cried. Her mother is unable to ke Half World was interesting. However, it should be noted that this book is not for the squeamish. And soon she learns that more is at stake than just her mother’s fate Melanie Tamaki is a lonely girl shunned by her peers: Glueskin, she knew she has to save her mother even if qorld means putting her life at risk.

I got the Kindle version just in time, it seems. Gee is all grown up now and he has felt different than anyone. For more information, see our about page.