tion of Maurice Halbwachs’s book La mémoire collective []. The French of his studies on memory was published only in [Halbwachs ]. Going back to Halbwachs’s original writing, this article argues that this genealogy rests upon a misreading. For the author of Collective memory, ‘memory’ was. Les écrits de Maurice Halbwachs sont aujourd’hui largement réédités. Relire Réflexions sur les rapports entre mémoire collective et histoire.

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Thus, there is not only an individual memory, but also a group memory that exists outside of and lives beyond the individual.

Paris Year of publication: We will forward your request to your library as soon as possible. But since collectivd spent so much time together, people began to talk, and the lady in whose pension Deleuze and his brother were staying warned Deleuze about Halbwachs, then wrote to his parents about it.

Structuralism [ citation needed ]. Search inside the book.

La mémoire collective – Maurice Halbwachs – Google Books

Home Internationale Philosophie Histoire moderne. Serie On the same subject By kemoire same author. Later in life, Deleuze met Halbwachs, without the same admiration, but at age 14, Deleuze feels he was completely right.


Views Read Edit View history. He remained in this position for over a decade, taking leave for a year as a visiting professor at the University of Chicagowhen he was called to the Sorbonne in Catalogue Colletive s Publishers Selections Excerpts. We will be glad to provide it with information about OpenEdition and its subscription offers.

Your e-mail has be sent. The Holocaust in American Life.

Maurice Halbwachs – Wikipedia

Contents Presentation About the author Liste des auteurs. Until Deauville, and the year in the lycee there that he spent during the “funny war,” he had been null in class, but at Deauville, he met a young teacher, Pierre Halbwwachs son of a famous sociologistwith fragile health, only one eye, so deferred from military duty.

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He aggregated in Philosophy in Shortly after the end of the war, he became professor of sociology and pedagogy at the University of Strasbourg. A longtime socialistHalbwachs was detained by the Gestapo after protesting the arrest of his Jewish father-in-law. Retrieved from ” https: Suhrkamp,pp. There he studied philosophy with Henri Bergsonwho had a big influence on his thought.


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This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat The brothers were to return to Paris, but then the Germans invaded, and so they took off on their bicycles to meet their parents in Rochefort Espaces, temps, psychologie collective Claudine Haroche.

Maurice Halbwachs

In he returned to Germany to study Marxism and economics in Berlin. Desktop version Mobile version. Consequently, an individual’s understanding of the past is strongly linked to this group consciousness.

Science politique Place of publication: Halbwachs et les sciences sociales Pierre Ansart.