GURPs Fourth Edition Traveller Interstellar Wars (IW) contains exactly what I was looking for in a sci-fi roleplaying game. And yes, that’s the title. GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars is an official GURPS Fourth Edition source- book for the Traveller universe. It includes a detailed timeline, along with rules for . GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars is the first and only book of its kind published in the GURPS Traveller role-playing game series, by Steve Jackson Games, set.

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Although the strategic boardgame Imperium which predates Traveller was set in the same era, this is the first supplement for any of Traveller’s RPG incarnations which concentrates on this time period. Feb 14, Dom Mooney rated it it was amazing. In ward time of conflict, the opportunities for adventure are more exciting than ever before! This book works as a nuanced and intelligence take on a trope–Earth conquers an alien empire–that could have been done quite badly.

Interstellar Wars is a Steve Jackson Games product. Hardcoverpages. Reynir rated it really liked it Sep 30, Retrieved from ” https: This book allows fans to explore a key era in the development of knterstellar Traveller universe, never before explored.

GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The resulting Interstellar Wars, characterized by Earth successfully taking advantage of the internal divisions of the Ziru Sirka to fight limited wars, gaining allies until it can finally challenge wzrs Ziru Sirka, come off as actually plausible. It includes a detailed timeline, along with rules for tailoring characters to the last days of the First Imperium, starship design, interstellar trade, exploration, and ship-to-ship combat.

One World Against Thousands. Now, for the first time in any game system, Traveller players can ward this rich setting.

GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars – Wikipedia

Open Preview See a Problem? Interstellar Wars covers the years of war, peace, and overwhelming change as the ancient Vilani Imperium falls to the upstart Terrans.


This sector map will help keep your space jockeys from making embarassing left turns on a cosmic scale. A large map of ” Known Space ” intershellar the nine subsectors immediately surrounding Terrawhich are detailed in the book.

Detailed statistics are present for 26 starships, and deckplans for the Crockett class picket ship, the Heroic Person class far-trader, Lightning class frontier merchant, and the Gashidda class Imperial patrol cruiser are included. KFDirector rated it liked it Dec 26, Skut L rated it liked it Aug 02, Though by Traveller ‘s present around the time of the 57th century the Interstellar Wars are literally ancient history, the story of how upstart Earth managed to overcome the Ziru Sirka has always interested Traveller fans.

The three-fold caste system of the Vilani established in canon is given flesh and used to explore the interesting science-fictional concept of the Ziru Sirka–a polity founded by humans–as a well-managed planned society, founded by people guided by the social sciences who sought to maximize the happiness intersgellar the people living in it.

Nathan rated it it was amazing Aug 07, The subsector maps, and information for each world are also included. Interstellar Wars was published ina new core book for interstellar edition for one of the science-fiction lines of Steve Jackson Games.

Paul Drye rated it it was amazing Nov 06, The Ziru Sirka is portrayed as a complex society, with its own quite viable traditions and mores, and its own internal divisions Vilani dissidents versus the Vilani norm, Vilani versus subject races, et cetera.

Looking for counters for starship combat?

Emory Susar rated it it was amazing Dec 10, Interstellar Wars covers the years of war and change as the ancient Vilani empire falls to the upstart Terrans. Justin Aquino rated it it was amazing Sep 02, You can help the Traveller Wiki by expanding it.

Ashleigh rated it really liked it Oct 23, Views Read Edit View history. Defend the homeworld from invaders during the Siege of Terra. Lists with This Book. Although the strategic boardgame Imperium which predates Traveller was set in the same era, this is the first supplement for any of Traveller’s RPG incarnations which concentrates on this time period.


GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars

Traveller books, it does not include any rules for converting characters, vehicles, or other rules systems directly into the 4th edition. Rising Earth, for its part, is also portrayed in a complex light, as a planet facing its own divisions and challenges that is quite frankly lucky that the Vilani were too distracted to crush Earth.

Help guide the Terran Confederation in its expansion from a single planet to a sector-spanning empire. Rules for generating characters for the setting, starship design, interstellar tradeexploration, and ship-to-ship combat, all updated for the wwrs edition of GURPS, are provided. The transition between the First Imperiumgoverned by the Vilaniand the Rule of Manled by the Terran Confederationhas always been a pivotal era in Marc Miller ‘s Traveller universe.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This page was last edited on 10 Marchat Refresh and try again. Noticeably absent are any statistics for weapons, with the quote; “The lists of melee and ranged weapons found in the Basic Set are adequate for the Interstellar Intersyellar setting” being the bulk of the book’s treatment of them.

Between the 22nd century and the 24th, the upstart interstellar community of Earth fought a series of wars with the established empire of the Ziru Sirka founded by the Vilani, a human population anciently transplanted to a distant world and since grown to empire. Much of the book is tailored towards a Interstel,ar campaign.

This time of conflict presents many opportunities for adventure: Return to Book Page. Content is available under Traveller Copyright. First In system, but which is geared specifically towards the time period of the Interstellar Wars. In short, this book is a great accomplishment.