Vitals is the latest in a long line of solid science fiction novels from Seattle native Greg Bear. It’s not as strong a book as Darwin’s Radio, which deservedly picked. Vitals [Greg Bear] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Blending fierce, fast plots with vivid characters and mind-bending ideas, Greg Bear has. The novel ‘Vitals’ by Greg Bear was published for the first time in Hal Cousins ​​is a scientist who is working on biotechnology related to.

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Want to Read Currently Bea Read. Click here to see the rest of this review. Preview — Vitals by Greg Bear. And he kept away from the ridiculousness of the usual world domination plots, where you disbelieve because you wonder why someone doesn’t stumble onto the communications between players and the levels of control – in this case it was just mad Maxim running everyone. But what they’re really saying is”—she pointed a tense finger into the breeze—”it’s wrong for everyone but me. There were loose plot points that were never resolved.

His program, Silk clandestinely came to the United States to set in motion a plan for world domination. The basic theory here is that at some point in evolution, bacteria started taking charge of all life treating the more complex organisms as living hosts.


It’s a very interesting premise for a not-so-well-written story. This page was last edited on 28 Marchat I guess he is just way over the heads of readers of typical sci-fi scenarios.


I carried four with me, on four different systems, just to make sure: Shapiro and Martin Dworkin. This novel’s about a scientist researching life-extension. They’ll make it illegal. The premise is neat but the mechanics of the plot is groan inducing.

I wonder what a Russian novelist wd make of: Maybe it’s just me, but I think it could have been a bit less convoluted. In this one, Greg Bear has kind of abandoned the ideas for the thrill of the chase. You can read why I came to this decision here. Whatever it is, consider this quote from the editorial of the 1st issue: By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

The plot is incoherent and very inconsistent. He gets his funding from angel investors — rich businessmen who are keen to live a thousand years.

Vitals (novel) – Wikipedia

VITALS is a powerful science fiction thriller that never slows down whether the tale is in a bathysphere on the ocean floor or in a lab. The Best Books of I had been through too much to disbelieve. It may get better, he might turn out to be a good guy, but there are too many good books to read to waste time on one that I don’t enjoy.

After I wrote this I looked at other reviews, and it seems to be a common complaint. Stalin’s communist regime may not have survived into the 21st century but Silk apparently has, and now they’re out to protect their subversive techniques by stopping Hal’s, and Rob’s, research.

If “A gerund is a noun made from a verb by adding “-ing.


Vitals by Greg Bear

Bear whips up a marvelous froth of doom and paranoia; his ideas are frighteningly plausible, and the whole thing clatters along at a smart pace.

Given that if one’s parents are wealthy one is also likely to be wealthy that may present the false appearance of being primarily genetic – instead it’s a matter of having one’s cards stacked in one’s favor followed by a willingness to always cheat. Unlike a couple of other Greg bear books I’ve read, this book just didn’t keep my attention. As I was reading this, I thought something to the effect of: Who are these people?

His newest novel, Vitalsbegins with a harrowing descent to a netherworld at the very bottom of the sea—and then ex Blending fierce, fast plots with vivid characters and mind-bending ideas, Greg Bear has mastered a powerful alchemy of suspense, science, and action in his gripping thrillers. Interesting, because they never know for themselves or others if they are “under the influence” or not. It makes me feel like I’m learning something even when I really don’t know shit. Books by Greg Bear. Jan 30, Kristin Cicciarella rated it it was amazing.

Paperbackpages. It’s much more technothriller than science fiction, although I suppose the science is enough out there it could sort of qualify.