This is Ghazwa-e-Ahzab OR Ghazwa-e-Khandaq – History Urdu Android version, this is very helpful book for all Muslims. Features of this app. The Battle of the Trench (Arabic: غزوة الخندق, translit.: Ghazwah al-Khandaq) also known as the Battle of the Confederates (Arabic: غزوة الاحزاب, translit.: Ghazwah. This war is named as al-Khandaq (trench) because Muslims dug a trench. This war is also well-known as al-Ahzab (confederates) since.

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Thus the Confederacy should not give a single man as hostage. Efforts to defeat the Muslims failed, and Islam became influential in the region.

There was another tent for Banu Ghaffar in the mosque and the blood started flowing from Sa’d’s tent to the tent of Bani Ghaffar. Meeting the enemy in the open which led to victory at Badrand waiting for them inside the city a lesson learnt from the defeat at Uhud were both suggested.

The crisis showed Muhammad that many of his men had reached the limits of their endurance. The majority of historians believe the date of its occurrence is the fifth year of Hijra. In accordance with the plan the armies began marching towards MedinaMeccans from the south along the coast and the others from the east. He first went to the Banu Qurayza and warned them about the intentions of the rest of the Confederacy.

It is the area where the Prophet s supervised digging the trench from, had put up his tent and said prayers. However, he warned against spreading the news of a possible breach of the pact on the Qurayza’s part, so as to avoid any panic within Muslim ranks. The failure of the siege marked the beginning of Muhammad’s undoubted political ascendancy in the city of Medina.


On Mount Dhubab well-known as Jabal al-Rayaabout meters away from the Northwest of al-Masjid al-Nabawi and meters far from the North of Mount Sal’, there is a mosque which recently was renewed and repaired, so-called as Masjid al-Raya.

Battle of Khandaq – WikiShia

In that situation were the Believers tried: Retrieved 20 June Read and search the Holy Quran in a variety of Translations and Interpretation. The strength of the confederate armies is estimated around 10, men with six hundred horses and some camels, while the Medinan defenders numbered 3, Four thousands of them along with three hundred horses and 1, camels were from Quraysh tribe and its confederates. Muhammad attempted to hide his knowledge of the activities of Banu Qurayza; however, rumours soon spread of a massive assault on the city of Medina from Qurayza’s side which severely demoralised the Medinans.

The Hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease even say: The battle began on March 31, The final army that would defend the city from the invasion consisted of 3, men, [17] and included all inhabitants of Medina over the age of 14, except the Banu Qurayza the Qurayza did supply the Muslims with some instruments for digging the trench.

The Battle of the Trench Arabic: Muslims borrowed many implements such as spade, pickaxe, axe, and hhazwa from Banu Qurayzawho were Prophet’s s confederate at that time.

People and things in the Quran. In total, the strength of the Confederate armies, though not agreed upon by scholars, is estimated to have included around 10, men and six hundred horsemen.


Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. When the danger of Banu Qurayza’s night attack to the center of Medina intensified, the Prophet s made two groups of the companions responsible for guarding Muslim’s houses. The Muslim camp, however, was sheltered from such winds. Scholars argue that Muhammad had already decided upon this judgment before the Qurayza’s surrender, and that Sa’ad was putting his allegiance to the Muslim community above that to his tribe.

Huyayy udru taken ghqzwa, and Abu Sufyan branded him as a “traitor”.

It initially broke out by the stratagem of Banu Nadir tribe. They had taken part in the expedition in hopes of plunder, rather than any particular prejudice against Islam.

This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Fearing for his life, Huyayy fled to the Qurayza’s strongholds. Translations List English translations by Ahmadis.

Ghazwa-e-Khandaq Ka Waqia – Urdu

Do not long for encountering the enemy and supplicate to Allah to grant you security. Violent winds blew out the camp fires, taking away from the Confederate army their source of heat. The leaders found that the pact indeed had been renounced and tried in vain to thazwa the Qurayza to revert by reminding them of the fate of the Banu Nadir and Banu Qaynuqa at the hands of Muhammad.