George Burdeau is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and has been a prime time In , George was the first Native American director accepted into the. George Burdeau is a veteran director and producer, as well as a founding member of Vision Maker Media. He has won both Emmy and Peabody awards for his. George Burdeau doesn’t just make films; he makes films with a purpose. For over 40 years Burdeau has been creating films that portray Native American life.

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Two Months Ago In Belize! And nothing comes up in a Google search. At least, they say they will. Naturally, the newly-initiated will inevitably introduce others to this new understanding. Slurping Up Words, Any Words.

George Burdeau | Hey Boomers

A Land-Borne Space Ship. But, I have added a vital illustration… a picture of the map that I use in this constant survey I am taking as I feorge around the world.

All gases get breathed in by each of us poor humans, just trying to exist without enough rainforest to process all these toxins. Checking In From Cuenca, Ecuador. And Heading for Golden, Colorado.


Georges Burdeau – Wikipedia

Bangkok, Here I Come! Yo, Atheists And Agnostics! The Ups and Downs of Beautiful Portugal. Squeezing In One More Country. My Date With St. Sleeping Dogs Are Lying! Andean mountain chainbackbone of the planetGeorge Burdeauvertebrae of the world. Just like the famous Nazca Lines in Peru, you might wonder what the purpose might be in such deliberate unseen design.

The Ones That Got Away: Appreciating The Layers of My Life. Going Silent Till After Thanksgiving. Never did I find one human being who could recognize a slightly-hunchbacked skeleton in the snow-capped mountains tracing an unbroken ridge through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

Am Coping With Quito. Golden Hours In Golden, Colorado! Leaving Lovely Santa Fe, N.

Loose, Fast, Sloppy Thinking. Everybody knows about the metal mining and the acres and acres of salt flats in Western Bolivia, where the train runs endlessly across white land. Are Human Lives Scripted? Evidence of A Praying Bird? Perhaps, it will make the claim much clearer and easier to understand. Lake Titicaca, is one of only a few massive inland, freshwater geoge, navigable by large ships. A Gustatory Delight, Argentina is N.


I Might Stay Here Longer! Peru Is The New Himalayas. My Tribe has always believed that the Andes was the backbone of the planet!

Entropy Around The Hostel Pool. Happy Hostel Life In Estonia….

My hope was to pick the brains of the people I georhe down here to get their input on this amazing coincidence. The Trail Never Changes!

Georges Burdeau

Another Life Begins Again. A New Book Geogre Aborning. An Explosive Writing Experience! And On To Medellin, Colombia. The C-1 nerve, serving the human brain, is located at the top of the neck. I Have Achieved My Destination! Near The Arctic Circle…. The Ghost of Juan Valdez. I Am The Child of Cimba.