The book that most captured my attention was The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, which was published in I purchased. Two remarkable teachers came into Gary Renard’s life in , he chose to listen to them carefully. (And ask a lot of questions.) The result is. The Disappearance of the Universe: Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, In this tradepaper edition of the standalone companion to Gary Renard’s.

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I would actually had given it a 4—maybe even 5 star rating had the author claimed it was a work of fiction, but he does not.

The Disappearance of the Universe

I want you to be even better at it, O. Paul, along with all the other Apostles, lived in danger for what they were teaching, most were martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

So I decided to see what all the fuss was about and added a sample of it to my Kindle. Amazon has a powerful and insightful review of The Disappearance of disappearahce Universe book which was written by Michael Wilkinson.

Diaappearance book could be an entry point for a lot of readers for the content it provides in a different way, but it just wasn’t for me. Now I was at peace most of the time and the United States was at war. The first chapter was interesting and I felt there was truth to it.

This book was a recomendation by a dear friend. Most people would hesitate to give up the world, but would they be so hesitant if they were given a clear taste of the alternative?

I love the philosophy of Buddhism, but the Disappearance of the Universe, I feel, is NOTHING like the beauty of Buddhism, neither is A Course In Miracles The book the ascended masters always refer toit’s just another scam intended to make the author rich by inserting his own viewpoints on religion, faith, philosophy, and the way of the world.

In almost two decades of working as a journalist, reviewer, editor, and publisher in the field of alternative spirituality, I had seen more piles of such dreck than I cared to remember. I’ve recommended it to spiritual-minded friends and have even bought copies for friends.


I couldn’t believe the author’s gall claiming to be St. And later, after it was complete, she still had grave doubts and never really related to or believed in the material fully.

When I did start watching, it took a while for them to say what was happening.

Yet these are not real faults. In the early s Gary Renard underwent a powerful spiritual awakening when he began to be instructed by two ascended masters named Pursah disappearxnce Arten, who eventually identified their previous incarnations as including those of Saint Thomas and Saint Thaddaeus.

Today, you find that idea to be unusual.

The Disappearance of the Universe book, in my opinion, makes a disappearanve transition and shapes the ACIM material into a more modern framework of understanding.

If you want to be handled with kid gloves then go to a theme park. And every sentence was like a miracle! Nov 25, Crystal J.

The illusory universe is a place of tension and release. How do I live the normal life you said I could live, practice the Course, and still not feel bad about that body identification part of my dream life? An ascended master is everywhere.

And it didn’t hurt that the book disappearace star reviews on GoodReads. I’ve probably read this book more times diasppearance I have any other, and I get something new out of it every time.

As my mind drifted back from my meditation, I opened my eyes and was stunned to see that I was not alone. I think you’ll be moved by it. Check the ideas and don’t idealize the person behind it. Being a stock and options trader, I identified with some of the people in the brokerage firms at the World Trade Center.

Well, the basic premise for the Disappearance of the Universe is that we are really home in God, but dreaming a dream that we are bodies living this life. This is the penalty for looking not within for certainty and quiet calm that liberates you from the world, and lets you stand apart, in quiet and in peace. I was struggling in my new career as a stock market trader, and I was in the process of suing a friend and former business partner whom I felt had treated me unfairly.

  LBN 201-10 PDF

Our Inner Teacher of Kindness can interpret anything – every aspect of our lives, ancient Hermetic laws, modern physics, and even geometric symbols – as metaphors for gently releasing our tyrannical belief in differences. He is honest and trustworthy. If you’ve had experience with “A Course in Miracles,” and couldn’t get past that stigma, or if you simply could not understand what it was a Gary Renard’s recollection of two ascended masters who appeared to him to teach him about existence through the principles of “A Course in Miracles.

There are many passages included from the Course, which are definitely worth remembering, but I also find Pursah’s and Arten’s wisdom and their take on the Course to be at times quite profound.

A Golf Course in Miracles. We will know for sure if people land on the Mars and discover signs of extraterrestrial cultures, which is hinted at in the book.

Gary Renard – Official Site

Could I actually deny the ability of anything not of God to affect me? If you are ready for it, this book will start the process to radically change your life.

This is the endorsement he wrote: There was no judgment made about behavior. Do I believe everything the author postulates? Renard 1 Arten and Pursah Appear excerpt During Christmas week ofI realized that the circumstances of my life and my state of mind had been slowly improving for about a year. So for the last plus years, priests have had to be celibate. In helping you we will not be giving you the so-called wisdom of the ages that your contemporary spiritual wizards are so fond of.

Do you want to run that by me again? No trivia or quizzes yet. The two people looked to be in their thirties and very healthy. View all 4 comments.