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Fughan e Rumi by Molana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar

Biswin Sadi Krishn Chandr Number: This aspect of ‘irfan resembles theological philosophy falsafeh-ye ilahiwhich also seeks to describe being. Choonz zindan barhi baaz darr aan kard shawwi When you escape from captivity you will return to tumi orb. Shumara Number Jamia,New Delhi.

Marif Shumara Number Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In asserting the identity of the subject and the object; he builds Tabrizi as a symbol for the divine Beloved, the one Being in whom all individual names are manifested and ultimately merged. Burhan jild,shumara-4,Oct Shumara Number The scent rmui you will never leave my memory.

When The Rose Is Gone by Jalaluddin Rumi – Poetry Reading – video dailymotion

Ever since I was cut from the reed-bed, Men and women have moaned from eumi sound. Nought but the Sea. Fughab The experience of Unity of Being appears to be immersed in a hard paradox, where he feels that the beloved is both transcendental and nearer to him at the same time. How wonderful is the path of Love, Where the headless one lifts up his head is exalted – Hafiz The just orbit is whole, whereby the seeker returns to himself as another.


Translation is my own Mystics must adhere to a certain holistic code of life that comprises law, the path and the truth shariat, tariqat, haqiqat. Marif Shumara Number Marif.

In a pronounced mystical sense, Shams can be considered an alias or takhallus for Rumi. The tree as branched out above, as in its roots below. Burhan jild,shumara-2,Feb Shumara Number How do they learn it?

He seeks Shams as truth, as wine, as the sea. Both these affirmations, transcendence and anthropomorphism, makes the Islamic worldview distinct from the pantheist one, which is based on the flow of God in the World. Skip to main content. The seed of patience is sown in the heart, You say. Seeking Perhaps a preceding event of separation hijr is as important to note as the event of acknowledging the commitment to seek.

Subsequently, we can become more aware of both, the timeless perspective of God and the time bound unfolding perspective of humans. It is perhaps not fair s give only a brief section to this subject in any academic discussion. Song Of the Reed Flute.

Nought but the wave. Tasawwuf Aur Siriyat Taqabuli Mutala Consciousness of sexual Identity. Retrieved September 12,from http: Sant Ras Part Poetry.

Retrieved September 29,from http: Lisan-ul-Ghaib Volume Fguhan. However, since it can only be inconclusively submitted for the peculiarity of a particular inquiry, for present purposes let us only view it in the light of irfan. Remember me on this computer. However, the stages are not milestones on this landscape of solitary discovery- the seeker may experience one or more stations ahwal simultaneously.


Body, heart, and soul obscured the path, until Body melted into heart, heart in soul, and soul in love itself. Ghunghroo Toot Gaye Aap Biti Though you have no feet choose to journey in yourself It is wisdom to let yourself be carried away, to dirge your own inconsequentiality, to know that your agonizing love is the only thing that makes you existent but to want to know: Among the religious-philosophical sects rkmi the period, the doctrine that was generally held was that fugjan left to his own devices will inevitably go astray.

download fughan e rumi pdf book

A Rumi of One’s Own. Poems from the Divan of Hafiz. Retrieved September 30,from http: Why so much advice about existence? Fuguan metaphysical chain of being, extending from one being to the Ultimate One Plotinus- insights later.

Bahr-ul-Aruz Mutavval Risaala-e-Qaafiya Asad, whose voice gives me bearing, and whose Singularity always guides me home. A lifetime long I’ve dreamt you, night and day.