Hold the flexagon in two hands, looking down at the top face. Push three corners down and in to make three valley folds. At the same time pinch to make three. Blank template with instructions (also a PDF version). hexaflexagon-template- blank. Fidget Spinner design: hexaflexagon-fidget-spinner-color-template. (Go to Flexagon Party Organizer’s Kit). Hexaflexagon Templates. Create your own hexaflexagons. Choose a template and follow the easy instructions to make .

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Reveal hidden sides by flexing.

Your flexagon is done! In fact the template has three spirals in it.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Click here for the larger 5 inch template or click above for the 3 inch template.

Now try to find all four faces! Manipulating the flexagon takes a little bit of practice, but is made much easier if you fold and unfold the creases a few times. As you flex the flexagon in this project, see if you can find all the possible combinations of faces.

Be sure to check out the “G” and Sunday face on both variations. Any of these searches should yield many patterned templates to choose from. Fold back and forth along each edge of solid black lines. Enlarge Share this craft.

Leave a little space between each triangle for easier folding. The top of the flexagon will pop open if there is a new face to reveal. The first fold is along the centerline of the template.


This is the classic 3 faced hexaflexagon.

The Flexagon Portal

Now you should be able to see five yellow triangles 1s. Flexagons were discovered over fifty years ago by a graduate student, Arthur Stone, playing with scraps of paper. Download and print the pattern. Create a a straight strip by folding all the red 4 triangle pairs over to face each other. Fold and glue the remaining flap into the hexagon. In this project we make a hexa-hexaflexagon—a six-sided polygon hexagon with six faces hexa.

Together, they cited information from 14 referenceswhich can be found at the bottom of the page. Make sure you color each triangle with the same number in the same way. Template for the D and last variation of the 7 faced heptahexaflexagons. Within each folded variation, you can see the faces of the other variation. Flip the entire paper over and count four triangles from the left side of the template.


Wait for the glue to dry lfexagon flexing your flexagon. On the Equilateral triangle patterns, the fold lines are thicker than the lines for the individual, smaller triangles. You should now see a hexagon with six identical faces. Grab the top corners in the center of the flexagon and pull them open, revealing the new pattern.

All the triangles that make up a hexagon face have the same number, so flexagln and decorate them with that in mind. Learn how to make a flexagon, a most fascinating geometric toy! For other and easier to make versions of the flexagon, try a tri-hexaflexagontetra-hexaflexagonpenta-hexaflexagon or a tri-tetraflexagon.

All of Aunt Annie’s project patterns are designed to be printed on standard letter-size paper flexagob. At this point, you should have the smaller side facing upright. Choose a Pattern and Print It Choose a hexa-hexaflexagon to make. There are many types of flexagons.


Choose a tri-hexaflexagon to make. One of many interesting things about this flexagon is that if you flexagpn with the E face on top and the F face on …. Once the template has been cut out, you will make a series of specific folds to complete the flexagon.

Think about the project. When the two sides have been glued together, score the edge of each triangle. Powered by Flexagon Maps. Make a hexagonal box to store fflexagon hexaflexagons or give a Flexagon Boxed Set as a gift. You can decorate the template however you would like. Everyone should make one of these! How to Make a Flexxgon Read all of the steps before starting. With careful folding, you can make your own flexagon and impress your friends with your new geometric toy.

Make a fold four triangles from the right.


If you have done the fold correctly so far, you should see only one pattern making the hexagon with one extra triangle flap sticking out. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Patterns are Adobe PDF files.

All triangles numbered 1 get colored red, all triangles numbered 2 fexagon colored green, and all triangles numbered 3 get colored blue.