Franz Wilhelm Ferling (September 20, – December 8, ) was a German oboist, Music, under the direction of Albert Andraud, edited and republished Bleuzet’s version in an edition that was marketed for “oboe or saxophone”. Sheet Music – £ – Contains 48 studies by Franz Willhem Ferling augmented by 12 studies from Marcel Mule. Published by Alphonse Leduc. Quarante-huit Études by Marcel Mule () is a set of 48 exercises for all Saxophones by Franz Ferling and enlarged with twelve new studies by Mule.

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Andante cantabile Senior Member Sep 18, IMV it is definitely graded properly.

My daughter is studying clarinet at college and is far more talented than I am. In addition to publishing several other exercises for oboe, Ferling wrote a double concerto for two oboes, which was discovered in a library in the Strahov district of Prague. I have also done lot of exercises told by my teacher.

I would put myself in the “advanced intermediate” category. In the meantime, do what your teacher advises you to do. I believe to have given full satisfaction throughout the time of my service, but feel no longer able to do so.

48 Studies for Oboe, Op.31 (Ferling, Franz Wilhelm)

How is 80 Graded Studies for Saxophone Book 1? Hello I will say I am a beginner. Retrieved 26 June Ferling was born in Halberstadt on September 20, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Maybe a ferking on Youtube might help.

Marcel Mule: 48 Études D’Après Ferling (Saxophone) (New Edition) | Presto Sheet Music

They still give you a taste of the attractiveness of the Ferlings. In addition, Rose occasionally omitted some of Ferling’s phrases or composed new ones. You must log in or register to reply here. In order of appearance: Northern Illinois University School of Music. Are all of these Etude for advanced players?

On November 1,Ferling filed a petition for pension during his forthcoming retirementciting persistent rheumatism and impairments in the functioning of his lungs:. Is there any place where I can listen to exercises of this book so that I can compare my playing? Owing to my year service as an oboe player, my lungs are so seriously affected that I am no longer capable of blowing sustained tones, and in addition I frequently suffer from severe bouts of rheumatism which I caught in the performance of my duty at the theatre; this is one more reason for my inability to faithfully meet my obligations.

We played the duet recently.

Franz Wilhelm Ferling

Franz Wilhelm Ferling September 20, — December 8, was a German oboistcomposerand clarinetist. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The work was premiered in at the annual International Double Reed Society conference. Retrieved June 26, I got the book 80 Graded. For me, playing saxophone is a hobby, but I play for several hours each week with others. Ferling is remembered today for his collection of 48 Exercises for Oboe, Op.


You can get some slightly simplified Ferlings in 80 Graded Studies for Saxophone.

Studies – Ferling Etude | Cafe Saxophone

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Your browser does not support the audio element. Because of this, he set out sazophone publish an edition that was closer to the original, a project which Alfred Music distributed.

Retrieved June frrling, Views Read Edit Saxo;hone history. Yes, they have become a necessity for anyone interested in classical music, and if you are so inclined, you should go for them in time. Some are very fast others have lots of semi-quaver and demi-semi-quaver runs or triplets, and numerous accidentals, key signatures range from no sharps or flats through to 6 flats or 6 sharps. The selected compositions of Ferling are: I heard that anyone looking to learn saxophone seriously should go for Ferling 48 Etude.