(free plans). Spies,Victory, SuperTrino. ( bytes) ( bytes) ( . What is F3P and F3P-AM? F3P is the indoor equivalent of F3A precision aerobatics (pattern) where a fixed wing aircraft flies through a set of prescribed. Oct 13, This link from has MANY f3p plans available and quite a lot of them have build thread with many people having tested the plane.

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There’s some really intricate stuff in there, and free. Hey guys, I thought of creating a list with many links to other forums or websites, which share some plans, so it is easier for others, trying to find a good plan. Shipped in business days. If there is interest, I can post the latest version PDF. Do you drive it with 8″ blades or “9 blades, and which speed controll do you youse! There are more F3P designs available commercially now than there were last year but hopefully this won’t have a negative effect on our creativity.


My son, Morgan, has already done it and it flew like a r3p, also landed on water! Share your Builds tofx5 will surely like to see what you have build from plqns plans Maidened today, and it flew straight out hands off in a slight climb. Originally Posted by rcpilot82 Thanks for the link.

Aug 27, I have build 2 Index’s and all I have to say is plams they are awesome. Show Appreciation tofx5 has spent time working on this plan so you can have it now, you can always leave him an appreciation message.

Forums New posts Search forums. Links for loads of PDF Plans.

Advertise Services like CNC cutting, moulding, kitting on own plans. Thanks to everyone who’s already contributed.

New foamy plans! – FlyingGiants

Aug 20, Every day our Listing Editors set details like wingspan, weight or model type, on many plans, thanks to them you are now seeing these filtered results. Added the Wizard V4.

See his comments rega Want to see more Search Results? I could get it from Plajs into Autocad, but the size was messed up and the text in the title block was gone so I did not know what to scale it up to.


I think I am going to have to get a vpp system now! The wings and fuse I used two pieces sandwiched togather to make it a little thicker and make it stronger. Help to edit plans.

I’ve added a link and picture for the Index 2. Thanks for the drawing Pat!

Links for loads of PDF Plans

Upload a Plan Site Editors Link to this page: Gallery Post a picture with plaans links if you have one. Contact us to volunteer as a Listing Editor. Hi Aidan, Just a little note reguarding the Index.

Also feel free to comment on any of the plans that you’ve tried. Also, can you translate kolfiberlist for me? A friend of mine is doing his Polaris. Style Default Back to Top.

Aircore, ribbed hollow plastic board, alveolar.