Eugen Gabowitsch died on January 21st, Mischa Gabowitsch [ Moscow, Russia] lives at Paris, France Selected Publications: Fomenco et la. Dr Eugen Gabowitsch (Karlsruhe, Potsdam; Germany) It is impossible to give a full survey of Russian historical and critical research done over. Kategorie: Chronologie: Geschrieben von eino Gabowitsch. A chronological revolution made by historical analytics. By Eugen Gabowitsch (Potsdam, Germany).

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In the history of art this two works of the same art style are dated with 14 centuries in between: Die Cimbern und Teutonen. Die Gegner des Paulus im Galaterbrief Berlin But Fomenko was doing a very exact analysis with computers and comparing a lot of different events during each reign. C Crash with Hans-Ulrich Niemitz This is only one example of such modern history creators; my son was the editor of a Russian magazine for politics and culture in Moscow and he sent me this paper.

With these books Morosov started the chronological revolution I am speaking about. He works as editor of a Russian magazin at Moscow and as well at Peterburg.

newchronology who is who

At any case some ideas of Velikovsky are quite close to the general ideas of Morosov, who started the Russian historical critical research, so it is a very interesting question. Are you speaking about some virtual world in which many pharaohs and kings are living, or are we speaking about a past in which we have no real information about much of this. See German translation and commentary here. This technology was in use in the time of Michelangelo, not BC in Pergamon. Postnikov which I mentioned above presented the work of Morosov in a course of lectures for young mathematicians of the Moscow university Fomenko, Mishchenko etc.


Introduction Different authors are last time speaking about a chronological revolution. Another example concerning the technology history: I shall talk about how history was created in Sakha in the 19th and in Europe in the 16th century, about the role gaboditsch Gary Kasparov in our movement and about the Book of Civilization.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Die Wirklichkeit des Mythos He published his findings inbut those were never accepted by his colleagues. Before that, China had even no idea habowitsch history in the European sense.

At any case I am sure that such complex writing system was impossible to develop and implement without using an other language with a phonetic alphabet. His comments on Kammeier in the new edition are precious and add much to understanding of this eminent figure which stands at the start of our research into the historiography of medieval times. Some French writers wrote books saying gagowitsch did not exist. Postnikov, Yaroslav Kesler and some other.

He is World Champion in Memory Sports and has also a national record. Since the s he focusses also on Ancient History and Middle Ages. Antiquity in the Middle Ages. Let us remember at any time: As another example, were logarithms invented in China years before they were invented in the Netherlands?

Geschichte & Chronologie

For no critical assertion of Morosov he found any reliable scientific argument against the chronological revolution. The author tells about a governmental Chinese research program for prolonging the Chinese history for additional many hundreds of years: I am quite sure that if I try to do a search, I can find a lot of such gabowitsdh from the history of Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenia, Eugdn.


All these — now Chinese – books have been incorporated into Chinese history as a genuine part of it. After such analysis, he shortened the Burmese history by almost thousand years.

Read a detailed biography at Karin Wagner. The very important point in which we differ from historians is that, discussing any historical epoch, we first ask the question: And so we have the question about the Chinese writing system. Today he teaches Theology of the Reformation at the University of Bern. His ideas were finally not integrated into the overall accepted chronological scheme. In euge years the known Russian mathematician Mikhail V.

At the end of the 19th century in Europe there was a discussion if the Great Chinese Wall exists. Morosov decided, bases on astronomic calculations, that the Apocalypse had been written in the night from September 30th to October 1st of the year AD.

He publishes his ideas not only in books and magazines but also on his homepage Dillum.