ETIOLOGIA DE LAS. MALOCLUSIONES. • ETIOLOGIA: causas de las anomalías de la oclusión dentaria. • Multifactorial • Consecuencia de las alteraciones. Alvarez Barron Jorge Alejandro. enfermedades. defectos desarrollo. congenitos. Factores generales: Herencia.. transposición. erupción avanzada. Alvarez Barron Jorge Alejandro. enfermedades. congenitos.. defectos desarrollo . Factores generales: Herencia. hipoplasias Anomalías de la erupción.

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Carlos Munive Campos Correspondencia: Swallowing is an automatic, complex, motor action that can be initiated consciously, in which a set of motor mechanisms conducts the intraoral content into the stomach 3. A study of orthodontic and facial changes of effect on dentition attending the loss of first molar in etiplogia hundred adolescents.

These habits may lead to inadequate positioning of the tongue at rest, being protrusive and with greater dorsal mobility, and may also lead to inadequate patterns of swallowing The SS comprises the following functions: Exclusive breastfeeding duration was as follows in percentage and number of children: ,as addition, it has been observed that eating habits and nutritive sucking at the beginning of life seem to be predictors of these habits at school-age In this context, considering the structures and functions of the SS, removal of habits is recommended preferably before the age of two, considering that as of this age it is possible to observe some inadequacy, which may be either myofunctional orofacial or occlusal, especially anterior open bite The stomatognathic system SS is composed of static and dynamic structures.

Stern N, Brayer L. Functional Occlusion- from TMJ to smile design. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Erlich J, Jaffe A. Planning restorative treatment for patients with severe malocclusions.


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Methods This is a cross-sectional, exploratory study. The study was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the involved Institutions under protocol nos. With respect to the severity of harmful oral habits HOHrecent studies indicate prevalence of We conclude that a habit may become harmful if mantained for at least two years.

Fisioterapia, fonoaudiologia e terapia ocupacional em pediatria. The effect of first molar loss on the dentition and the periodontium. Factors associated with prolonged non-nutritive sucking habits in two cohorts of Brazilian children. Scientific data are divergent as to the association of socioeconomic and demographic factors with duration of HOH. Ramfjord S, Ash M.

Table 3 shows the correlation between time of use of common pacifier and the report of malocclusion. Among the factors that contribute to early weaning are socio-cultural maloclusones economic matters, the use of artificial nipples, and non-nutritive sucking, especially the use of pacifiers, which may pose a risk for HOHs 14 This inference is confirmed in our findings, considering that the current use of orthodontic bottle has shown significant correlation with oronasal breathing.

Tooth retention and tooth loss in the permanent dentition of adults: The non-probabilistic sample consisted of children aged one to ls years assisted at that unit. Analysis of the correlation between duration of HOHs and the functions of the SS showed that the maintenance of these habits for up to two and four years was associated with reports of changes in speech and occlusion.

December 6, at 4: A study of clinical parameters associated with the presence of oclusal interferences following posterior tooth loss.

A recent literature review study reports that, based on the publications, HOHs cause damage to the SS as for the bone structures and orofacial functions, but the authors conclude that differences are not clear between eetiologia use of orthodontic pacifiers or bottles compared with the use of their conventional types regarding repercussion on the SS Ambard A, Mueninghoff L. METHODS This is a cross-sectional, exploratory study whose aims are to investigate the occurrence and outcomes of harmful oral habits HOH and their impact on the structures and functions of the SS regarding the aspects of speech, etiolovia, and breathing.


This information corroborates findings of other studies 1021 and deserve attention because changes during these ages usually require intervention for the correction and rehabilitation of functions. The study sample was composed of individuals. These behaviors can be caused by the presence of HOHs or even be considered as one of them However, a cohort study conducted with Brazilian children identified high prevalence of prolonged non-nutritive sucking habits, especially in better developed regions, and that perinatal variables such as birth weight, prematurity, and maternal age at birth were not associated with prolonged habits.

Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. Two hundred forty-one participants recalled breastfeeding duration, which was exclusive in Follow me on Twitter My Tweets.

Etiologia das Más Oclusões

J Pediatr Rio J. Suction occurs reflexively until the age of four months and is voluntarily controlled thereafter. A study on factors with pathologic tooth migration.

Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. The optimal duration of exclusive breastfeeding: Prevalence of nonnutritive sucking habits and their relationship to age, gender and type of feeding in preschool children from Araraquara-Brazil.

June 25, ; Accepted: