We are very much looking forward to seeing you all over the next few days at the EphMRA ‘Shaping the Future’ conference. Come and see us. contractors – to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines. . Megha Kalani, Product Manager at Philips Healthcare, and Jemma Lampkin, Senior Project Manager Healthcare at SKIM, co-presented at this year’s EphMRA .

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Combining data is permissible as long as personal data is not released to the client company when data is combined and combining the data does not enable the client to identify the MR subject. Many service providers ephmr intellectual property rights clauses that prohibit copying of material without consent.

Revealing the Source of a List 4.

Representing The Research Partnership 213 Founding Director Mark Jeffery accompanied by Associate Directors Pei Li Teh and Paul Reed, who all considered the conference to be a great event with many opportunities for networking and some thought-provoking 213.

Data can only be transferred, to a third party or overseas, when adequately protected. If personal data is to be transferred from one country to another, the data protection requirements of both countries MUST be met.

MR subjects MUST be made aware ephmraa the time of recruitment if their input is to be recorded or observed even if it is only for analysis purposes by the agency and why it is proposed.

Reasons why the MR subject has been chosen personal experience of drug, expertise in therapeutic field.

Healthcare Market Research News from Research Partnership

Marketing authorisation holders and their agents have an obligation to collect and follow-up on the adverse events and product complaints associated with their products. There are specific requirements including registration for prize draws open to the public. This will ensure that should MR subjects fail to complete the exercise for any reason their rights are protected.


If list details are missing or incorrect, the supplier of the list may be told this but corrected details cannot be passed back to the list supplier to update their databases without specific consent.

Researchers should ensure that they abide by the terms and conditions attached to use of site content. Given the potentially sensitive nature of discussions with payers and influencers, care ephmrw be taken to ensure that their professional role is respected and they are not pressured to impart inappropriate information.

Raise unfounded hopes for a treatment Mislead MR subjects with regard to the performance of a product Encourage members of the public to ask a healthcare 20013 for a particular product or healthcare professionals to use or recommend a product – disguised promotion is prohibited.

When a MR subject Withdraws MR Subject Costs When live observation takes place i. Purpose, Scope and Sources ephra. Preparing the ATC Guidelines and managing new entries, changes and improvements in consultation with pharmaceutical companies. So this approach should be used with great care.

EphMRA – Code of Conduct Online

Generally includes patient prescribed a company’s medicinal product in the usual manner. Widely used examples include: You can download a copy or make an enquiry using the buttons to the right, or search the entire code using the search bar underneath.

It is good practice for researchers to keep copies of e-mails and other documents received from MR subjects agreeing to, or restricting, the use of or access to their personal information. The request is made to both the external media, and to the internal press services, to add the framework at the bottom of the article. Transmission is defined as the passing on of personal data for a restricted range of uses and the transmitting party continues to be responsible for the personal data.


Upcoming Events Join us in Warsaw for our annual conference on June In general, researchers must not make unsolicited email approaches to potential participants unless individuals have a reasonable expectation that they may be contacted for market research due to a pre-existing relationship with an organisation.

Welcome to EphMRA

In Denmarknurses must be treated as non-HCPs. Where lists including client-supplied lists are used for sample selection, the source of the list MUST be disclosed.

The rights of MR subjects MUST be observed, including rights to confidentiality, anonymity and the right to withdraw at any stage. Eephmra should be in place to validate the identity of MR subjects to avoid surrogate MR subjects and to check the quality of responses e. Who will administer the incentive What the incentive will be When the participant will receive the elhmra If any conditions are attached e.

In general non-research exercises have the following characteristics: Are patients randomised to different groups? The following ephmrz distinguishes between the characteristics of market research, patient support programmes and non-interventional studies.