This page contains information about the Musician’s Manual for the TS from Ensoniq Corporation. TS12 manual english. The TS12 Manual in english, 1 MB, (c) by ensoniq. TS10 manual english. The TS10 Manual in english, 1 MB (c) by ensoniq. Winzip Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the Ensoniq TS synthesizer.

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Envelope – 3 Envelopes per voice.

Page – Copying a complete program to a new loca Using Soundfinder In Presets Mode They can not load nor save. Selectable Effect Modulation Parameters It can be applied wherever a Modulator is selected.

Unless the TS is in Sequencer mode, you may assume that you are in a preset. Each track has its own sound and complete set of track parameters volume, pan, timbre and all the other track parameters, including MIDI channel, status, etc.

The Ensoniq TS12 Homepage – Downloads

Loading a full set of 60 pitch-tables into the TS internal memory in this way gives you the ability to select a variety of keyboard tunings in real-time while in the middle of a performance! Page 87 Page 88 – Section 6 — understanding effects Page 89 – Selecting effects Page 90 – What is an algorithm Page 91 Page 92 – Performance control of tracks in preset We highly recommend using this type of SIMMs.


If you wanted to copy and then erase the ebsoniq, you must first reselect the original track and then repeat the above procedure, using Erase mode. Page 15 The following magazines offer many specific articles and columns that can provide a plethora of useful information.

This parameter controls the time it takes for the pitch to slide smoothly glide from one note to another. Many sampled sounds will not fit into the standard 2 MB memory and therefore the memory expansion option up to 8 MB is recommended.

110 All Sequencer Memory Page Sampled Sound to Sampled Sound.

ENSONIQ TS-10 Manual

Store 60 songs up to 30, notes or 97, if expanded. The rules for glide, described above, determine when one note will glide to another. Now use the Bank and BankSet manjal and the soft buttons in the usual way to select and listen to the Programs in memory. The following parameters are the default settings for the Track parameters that are stored with the Program.

Power Insert the line cord into the line receptacle on the back of the TS 2next to the power switch 1. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. majual


The Ensoniq TS12 Homepage

This lets you organize your files into banks of your choosing for easy access when loading them later. When set to ALL, every event in the track will be listed. The Transwave consists of single cycle waves, each of which eneoniq part of the original highly processed sample.

This can be useful when controlling the TS from an external sequencer. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Avoiding Confusion When Using Presets Page – Load — loading data from disk Page Page – Using file banks to locate files for loa Filter command on the Edit Track page. The track will send MIDI to the sequencer, but will not play locally when the data is received. Saving A Sample-banks File These options occupy the portion of a sound program which is usually used by voices 5 and 6, so when an Option is present, you do not have access to those two voices.

Manual Download the original owner’s manual from SoundProgramming.