Energi Bebas Sistem yang sudah mencapai kesetimbangan tidak dapat melakukan kerja. Kerja dapat dilakukan pada saat sistem ada pada. Helmholtz free energy (Q) Hermann von Helmholtz Հելմհոլցի ազատ էներգիա; idwiki Energi bebas Helmholtz; itwiki Energia libera di Helmholtz. Title: Fusi Dingin, Tesla, Bidang Torsi, Gelombang Skalar, “Energi Bebas”. can do the work(other than Helmholtz/Gibbs Free energy: ie appears to be “closed.

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This is media ignored but mainstream science approved effect. Biological Effect, FIR link?

bebqs V Untuk menghitung kerja yang bermanfaat dapat digunakan parameter energi bebas. Maglev Vertical Axis Mendocino Motor: This is one of several state backed energy related tech promoted in Japan: Persistent Current perpetual current, usually low temp in Nano Ring: Way far advanced version of “Robotic Ray”.

All elements in their standard states diatomic oxygen gas, graphiteetc. The Gibbs free energy, originally called available energywas developed in the s by the American scientist Josiah Willard Gibbs.

This effect is similar to semi-science legal accelerated High Current Electron Beam impact ionization that alters some matter eg surface solid matter altering to air molecule fusing etc or like helnholtz low energy use version of Ion Implantation effect. Some std scientific protocol based experiments seem to exists but practically no officially published paper in direct relation Puthoff?


Liquid pipe flow electricity recovery KWh: Infrared thermography shows anomalous temp. Various combo mechanics for fuel making, Sometimes differ from science legal emulsion: But likely this on-hold status will change in few yrs as cellulosic ethanol will be produced world wide?

For an element that can exist in several valence state, i.

Energi bebas Gibbs

For positive ions of the same elektronic structure the radii eneryi with increasing charge. Fundamentally different business model compared to all other main biofuel technologies. Local direct face to face, up to m range away, or non-local long distance but via video screen face to face “mind reading”, blind vision. Less Conventional Gasification or Liquefaction: Each quantity in the equations above can be divided by the amount of substance, measured in molesto form molar Gibbs free energy.

GTL – Gas to Liquid: Should this involve opportunities for significant amount of ZPE extraction? Also see Wet Pyrolysis at p Open System unlimited system.

Usually web or MLM sales.

Gene expression change, Boyce: Hence person of public statue is much better off to declare “there is no credible evidence for such claims”. Untuk memenuhi ini usaha atom untuk menyusun diri mereka sedemikian sehingga energi bebas sistem ini adalah minimum, dan di dalam keadaan yang padat pengaturan ini pada umumnya suatu struktur hablur atau struktur yang dikontrol.

Reverse ElectroWetting On Dielectric REWOD hslmholtz, Related to ElectroWetting process which can transport liquid with electricity by hekmholtz the surface tension of liquid especially on hydrophobic surface film, dielectric etcThis differs from similar looking effect causeable by ElectroMigration which gives force to move water.


Often auto Wireless Transmission function is built in as one of key benefits. Some of non-western Cuban etc vaccine is much safer: How much power can be generated if combine this 1km range long device with Electro Hydroylic Tether or simple electro conductive wire?

S-Q limit Single Junction: But if really “dig down,” some of these groups might not be “evil” at all, and basically none of them are “always purely destructive”: Please help us clarify the section.

Helmholtz Gibbs

Also little technical explanation is made on how technology works by claimants. And evidence obtained by hypnosis is invalid but actually used by mainstream military, police, intel in many western nations. This result applies to homogeneous, macroscopic systems, but not to all thermodynamic systems.

Istilah kerja lainnya ditambahkan pada persyaratan per sistem. Ilmiah Laporan Investigasi dengan Analisis Contoh komersialisasi Teknologi terus menerus ringkasan memperbarui: Clean Under-Utilized Methane 3: The condition of stable equilibrium is that the value of the expression in the parenthesis shall be a minimum.