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Free Elektor magazine April 2010

LayThis circuit can precisely measure electrostatic charge. The heart of the circuit is the venerable CMOS decadecounter. A nF bypass capacitor mounted closeto the Eleitor pin will assist in providing addi-tional transient immunity.

Fortunately, this is available in the form of 1d. This book is thus a systematic introduction to the RFID arena that leads the user through the design of a practical cardreader system. The following topics and types of cards are covered in this chapter: The same segment of the sky wasobserved by at least two of the detectors, andso a true reading was one fevrero had beenregistered by both detectors.

Rlektor soon as you stop the car andswitch off the ignition, DIS goeslow. Two bridge circuits are needed, one foreach winding. Two outputs have been pro-vided to make the circuit moreversatile. KleineNowadays, it is no longer necessary to use discrete compo-nents to build oscillators.


In some locations, a real balance controlmay be difficult or even impossible to ob-tain: D1 can work with as little as 10 Debrero. An electronicsengineer can extract a lot of informationabout the operation of the semiconductorfrom these curves. In ourprototype, the voltage across T1 febrerp approximately 10 V. Still, the term memory card is quite commonly used in the smartcard arena.

The instructions also provide clear infor-mation regarding connecting the circuit boardin the car and installing the necessary wiring,complete with a few schematic diagrams. General view of the preamplifier.

Elektor The Complet

The PCF A has eight bidirec-tional outputs: The result is asiren sound. The operational amplifier IC1 produces a symmetrical sup-ply with a centre rail earth from the 9-V battery. The software for the communication with the card has beendeveloped in Turbo Pascal. Initial impressionsamong the scientific communitywere that the sun apparently emitted heat rays as well as lightrays, the former being refracted to alesser degree than the latter.

This means that arecorder will miss a small part of the signal when an audio CDstarts playing, since the PLL of the clock extraction febfero re-lock to the clock signal. The gold-platedCinch sockets, as well as the poten-tiometers, should of course be veryhigh quality.

Thedelay cir-euit is 20010 on T9. An oscilloscope is all you need. Nicholson toohad a distinguished career in planetary sci-ence, becoming the discoverer of the ninth,tenth and eleventh moons of Jupiter. Because only one FIFO is available for both reading and writing, the card command is overwritten.


This causes a positive triggerpulse to be sent from the output ofN1 to monoflop M1, which is respon-sible elktor the exit delay. Use a wire bridge inplace of zener diode D1, which is markedwith a star on the circuit board. Schematic diagram of the car alarm.

Elektor The Complet

The photograph shows the con-struction of the circuit board and the place-ment of the components. Thedisadvantage of this is a fixed errorequal to the input offset of IC7. It canbe used as a new maximumtemperature indicator whenthis circuit is added to the fancontroller of the May issue. Thismeans that it is a good idea toensure that the input impedance ofthe attenuator matches the outputimpedance of the signal source.

The shuntis simply a low-value resistor, across which a voltage drop ismeasured whenever a current flows. There are also some capacitors at the out- Fig. Calculating the Initial Values. Front panel foil available through ffebrero Readers’ services. With regard to all this, is there arule that we should or must obey?

When S1 is open and S2 is closed, the capac-itor causes a voltage drop, so the lamp is dimmed. The Signetics is a good and economical choice. When using materials of the website, link to http: