El arte de volar és una novel·la gràfica del guionista Antonio Altarriba i del dibuixant Kim editada per Edicions de Ponent que es va publicar per primera vegada. from “The Art of Flying”. by Antonio Altarriba Translated by Adrian West. Click image below to enlarge. From El arte de volar. Published by Ediciones de Ponent . El arte de volar by Antonio Altarriba, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Published June by Ediciones de Ponent first published Throughout the book there are few chronological markers beyond the explicit dates marked at the beginning of each chapter. He admitted his defeat and accepted it. There is only one opportunity for hope in the gray panorama: Just another life The blending of genres autobiographical novel permits the development of the protagonist without one of the common characteristics of the autobiography: With this term he refers to the emotional relationship established between an author and his object of study.

I am my father, and he is se I am now going to become my father and have him tell his tale. As for the authority and truth in El arte de volar there are two points to highlight.

The density of the atmosphere in which the story is developed is made even stronger through the use of the color gray, a metaphor of the dark times without a horizon.

May 02, Ignacio rated it really liked it. Countries where the rights have been sold: The author’s postface is, one last time, really heartbreaking and we empathize with him, with his telling of altardiba father’s story.

To Altarriba, the mother of his child was nothing more le a reminder of his unhappiness. He also wrote a story about a man being accused of no one knows what … And another about a count who lived in a castle protected by absurd laws that everyone follows Barcelona, one of the Republican capitals, is converted into a symbol of the problems of disunion and snobbism that stalked the Republican forces between their own lines 64— May 22, Sara rated it it was amazing.

It’s also told as if from the perspective of dee father, which is an interesting move he makes in a kind of meta-fictional way: To consult titles available in other markets please click on the above links. Aantonio the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


from “The Art of Flying” – Words Without Borders

This is, according to him, because the novel permits a broader exploration than the autobiography due to four phenomena: But any voalr I took was to reinforce the truth of the fact. Dec 22, Carmen rated it really liked it. His strict parents, bad Depression-era jobs, Franco-era fascistic repression, a bad marriage, and so vloar. I believe they volxr. I speak much Spanish, to be clear; I am just acknowledging that the language is often distinctively beautiful, for which I have to credit, in part, the translator.

El arte de volar by Antonio Altarriba. This is why, before leaving Pablo, he demands his lead ring and sends it to Mariano, the only one who stayed true to their old Anarchist ideas. Muy interesante y enriquecedor. He chose his battles and, one after another, he eo them. This is for adults, not escapist comicdom. It is not surprising that Altarriba is reading Kafka in the nursing home when all that is left in his world is finally collapsing and he is arriving at the end of the circle of his life.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Tuve que enterrar la dignidad y los ideales.

El arte de volar

This desire for a normal life, for love and to be loved, after a life of adventures, will be his doom, since it will force srte to compromise his ideals of equality and fraternity. The online guide of titles from Spanish publishers and literary agents with rights for translation in the UK.

El arte de volar. So ended a life marked by failure and frustration.

El arte de volar | New Spanish Books UK

Nov 29, Libros Prohibidos rated it liked it. Those ninety years are what Altarriba will recount in El arte de volar.

I really liked it, it’s a kind of important moment in the history of comics that now we English-speakers can experience. With these references, the reader knows that the Lead Alliance, capitalized for its significance in the book, happened around December 10, However, the ghost of the Franco dictatorship will always be present in its three manifestations: The tons of awards it won were certainly deserved.

Log In Sign Up. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There, he will be a driver, then be forcibly enlisted in the Phalange army, will defect, join the Republican army with the anarchists then the communists, then will become a refugee in France, be interned in a refugee camp, will escape, be captured, will escape again before being deported to Germany, be captured again, be sent to the labor volun A really sad and powerful story about a young man, born and raised in the country, who hates it and wants to go to the city in Spain in the early s.


In El arte de volar, Altarriba tries to achieve that pact, at least in fifty percent of the text Kim is the artist and as a result is also author of the comicthrough the fusion of father and son. Both the writer and the more famous artist Kim are stunning in blending the dark and the gay at the same time, and never being queezy at showing how apathy, ignorance, and greed combine to destroy the ability ‘to fly’.

Graphic Lit

It starts in during the childhood of the writer’s father in a village near Zaragoza, then moves on to Zaragoza, the establisment of the Republic, then fighting in the Spanish Civil War, France, the occupation of Germany during World War II there, and working with the French resistance.

Returning to Maus, one must remember the distinctive point of views of Vladek and Art when approaching the story, one as the survivor and the other as the son of the survivor. In relation to the Holocaust, for example, La Capra explains that the historian produces narrations of very different natures depending on his position before the facts.

These gray zones are fundamentally focused on two portrayals: Home Sitemap Links Legal notice Private policy. The third narrative level is found in the words inside the text bubbles which are direct and expressive sentences that are always in the present. The Madeline episode he told me in full detail, except for the most erotic parts.