Definition from Ekonomikos pagrindai (B. Martinkus): Atsipirkimo (lūžio) taškas ( break-even point) – tai prekių kiekis, kurio pardavimo pajamos. Sankt Peterburgo valstybinis serviso ir ekonomikos universitetas tų: 1 semestras – mikro ir makro ekonomikos pagrindai, kuriuose būtų ; Heery, ; Ivanovic, ; Martinkus, ; Myers, ; Robbins, ;. VERSLO EKONOMIKA IR VADYBA . Lukaševičius K., Martinkus B. Mažųjų ir vidutinių įmonių vadyba. Martinkus B., Žilinskas V. Ekonomikos pagrindai.

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From Table 3, you can see that there is a correlation between all of the indica- tors.

There could be also published theoretical articles in the field of mana- gement and administration. Iki t Daugiau, nei t Pristatomos produkcijos kiekis 3 pav.

Cross-country causes and consequences of the crisis: Frezatti notes that organisations, which are introducing this method, should start with radical decentralization since that is the only way to ensure that the decisions of the employees will focus on martinksu strategic objectives. Ekonomikps seven standards were: Results Nineteen key activities have been identified and developed based on steps of created approach see Figure 1.

It might be used discouraging unethical behavior and solving rising ethical dilemmas and problems.

The problem is that the naming of certain factors and assessing their impact, are obtained very different results. Strategic management affects the motivation and marketing systems of the organisation. One of the often used methods in ethical decision-making is utilitarian method, analysed in this article. The rapid development of alternative entre- preneurship in the country is caused primarily by an economic restructuring, aspiration to overcome structural disproportions of production and as a result of stiff competition, emerged during the ad- ministrative-command economy period.

Within this context theoretical, empirical and expert-oriented methods were used to define unique areas and objects of recreational use and aesthetically important visual landscape elements. Leasing, Credit and Economic Growth: The higher this indicator, the more favorable the developmental perspectives of the farm, and the greater the amount of resources that can be assigned to development.

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The aim of this research is to develop an approach to determine the most im- portant managerial activities to be implemented by a person at the highest level of an organization.

Economy and the Environment 8th—10th September DijkmanR. Darnaus vystymosi strateginis plana- vimas: This problem can be ad- dressed via strategic budgeting for a period of 3 to 10 years. Budgets are often incompatible with the corporate strategy, difficult to adapt to the changing business environment and oriented towards the vertical view of the company, while the budgeting process is very lengthy and costly.

Since intellectual organization is still developing and rather new phenomenon especially in Lithuania, guides of this process still remain a relevant scientific problem. Niekas netrukdo tik 8 proc. More specifically, the utilized agricultural area UAA in hectares was chosen as land input variable, annual work units AWU — as labour input variable, intermediate consumption in Li- tas, and total assets in Litas as a capital factor. Literature review and theoretical views related to different management styles is not discussed in this article.


Universiteto 10, LT, Akademija, Kauno distr. Financial Globalization, Crises, and Con- tagion. It is no longer sufficient just to take on a grown crop. BalouR.

break-even | English to Lithuanian | Business/Commerce (general)

An important issue in assessing the effectiveness of the fixed assets use, is the rate of fixed assets reproduction. Marketing planning and strategy, 4th ed. Discusion of all the worldwide known sys- tems and models are not in accordance with objectives of this article. In addition, the significant amount of abandoned land does also provide the large maryinkus with opportunities for the further expansion. Harward Business School Press. Pagrinfai the suggested MPSP modi- fied method of priority allocation and selection the alternative solutions are evaluated with qualita- tive and quantitative criteria.

On the surface, break-even analysis is a tool to calculate at which sales volume the variable and fixed costs of producing your product will be recovered. Today the area has conservational, recreational, silvicultural and educational functions and is partly used as an extensive grazing land.


Frequently the divergences and the reasons leading thereto influence not only the budget of the com- ing year but also the adjustments to the strategies Fig. The most preferred values ekonomikoss dominant elements and the open spaces.

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Worl Economic outlook, WEO. Ethical decision-making is based on moral philosophy, its theories, paradigms, and concepts, where the most important thing is values: Kitaip negu T, Beck ir R. Mann—Whitney and Spearman tests showed that the answers were associated with the organisation size, while Kruskal-Wallis and Chi square test revealed that the answers did not depend on the industry. The latter farming type, though, has also been facing the decreasing efficiency since The most important effect in applying utilitarian met- hod is the total effect and consequences on society not an individual person.

The questionnaire included questions characterising the respondent’s evalua- tion regarding the importance of a particular element of quality of life.

In the suggested a budgeting system logi- cal scheme, activity based budgeting is linked to strategic management and reflection of operational flexibility in the budgets. Great thanks in advance!

In order to objectively investigate the purchase of agricultural production service quality, from consumer point of view, there were used a quantitative study method – a survey. The research relies on the sample of the Lithuanian family farms operated throughout — It was found that farmers in Poland and Latvia are more active in binding to the producer groups than martinksu Lithuania, they better use the advantages of EU and national support.

According to chosen criteria jartinkus approach is deve- loped mainly for small enetrprises, but it is appropriate for enterprises, regardless of sector and size.