RZNC make DSP as the core control system,High-speed processing operation sports concluding continuous, step (crawl), distance, manual operation. Diagram. RZNC Connection Board. PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version With DSP technology, the increase of cut-to-length precision can be obtained as it offers well-timed The RZNC Working Video links: . Press the “Delete” key,the RZNC Controller will showing “manual state screen”(as View 2). View 2.

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There are 6 stop points totally.

RZNC-0501 DSP Operating Manual

If you had right to dothe DSP vsp will show you this: Process Stop and Stop Point saving When it is processing, press point. Then pres sit clews: Press the “ok” key then power on with the computer. If it unneces sa ry to cha nge it, pres s till it goes back former menu.

Strong system and process file examining function; 5. If it shows your message, it means that the controller gets signal from Hard limit sensor of Z axis.

It goes like a s fo ll owing: So the rea l proces s s peed is: T h e n m ov e or to move the cursor tonext item. If it does not need to cha nge, press exit and go back former menu. If it is necessary to change the speed, the same operating with X axis. It meets the needs to run part of the file for many times. Beca us e there a re ma ny s pecia l code da ta.


It is the same operating steps for inner files.

Help! I deleted the firmware from my DSP controller – Page 5

It must have physical connection between the machine andconnection buttons: It divides to two parts: Auto5 Then set the proces s pa ra metersdeta ils a re in Process. The setting means of High speed is the same to Low speed. The operating steps are: Identifies M code, F code and other development commands, can open a special code based on user needs. Manual process, Auto process and Advanced process. Controller adopts panel and U Disk to get files, which makes it is easy to control.

Download – RZNC,RICHNC,RichAuto-Beijing Richnc Technology Co.,LTD

It depends on the motor direction and Home sensors location and sensors property. Then it displays on the screen as below: The operating steps of Auto Copy file are the same with auto process file. That is we can process part of the file. Pres s toto go to first line whileq u i t v i e w.

Because this function takes a lot flash memory, youd better not to change too much files into Auto Copy Process file. It wo rks as it set. When you finish all settings, it will go to former menu.

Speed statue on theSpeed Adju st: I know there is an English version because Shannon posted an screenshot here: Do you have any suggestion to solve my problem?


Press to move the curs or to Hom e Direc tio n item, pres sto enter the setting, it esp as following: A function has been applied, it does not need to press to clear Z origin. Then disappeared and did not show anything You in a way that Described in the site 1. The condition for Stop point process is that the 3 axes must have homed before saving the stop point.

According to the clew, select beginning line number, the first G code da ta dis pla ys on the screen.

If the file exceeds the table size, the system will alert when it check the data. The processed file size is different from the one you set. Users must set its thickness, otherwise the Z axis working origin is not correct. Opera ting Steps manuao re: Then p ress to delete.

But you need to check, there must be something wrong especially some parameter inside. P r o c e s s P a u s e a n d p o s i t i o n a d j u s dspp When it is processing, press to adjust three axes position, then repress Original?

In order to protect the to ols edge sdp da ma ge, it needs to make the z a xis goes down at a low speed.