Technical Datasheet: DMEP Datasheet Through the Media Independent Interface (MII), the DM connects to the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer, . Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DM Company, Davicom Semiconductor Incorporated. Datasheet, Download DM datasheet. Quote. DM Datasheet PDF Download – 10/ Mbps FAST ETHERNET PHYSICAL LAYER SINGLE CHIP TRANSCEIVER, DM data sheet.

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In repeater application, this pin may be connected to a repeater controller. When auto-negotiation is disabled bit 12 of this register clearedthis bit has no function and it should be cleared. The software can read datashret During Parallel detection there is no exchange of configuration information, instead, the receive signal is examined.

Please note that application circuits illustrated in this document are for reference purposes only. This variation in signal attenuation caused by frequency variations must be compensated for to ensure the integrity of the received data. Our currently available and soon to be released products are based on our proprietary designs and deliver high quality, high performance chipsets that comply with modem communication standards and Ethernet networking standards.

Differential data is received from the media.

DM9161 Datasheet PDF

Writing a 1 to this bit will cause PHY entering the Sleep mode and power down all circuit except oscillator and clock generator circuit. Exact shape of each corner is optional. O Differential transmit pair.

Davicom Hardware Layout Guide. This bit is invalid when it is not in the auto-negotiation mode.

(PDF) DM9161 Datasheet download

A new link code word page received. Disclaimer The information appearing in this publication is believed to be accurate. Without the scrambler, energy levels on the cable could peak beyond FCC limitations at frequencies related to repeated 5B sequences like continuous transmission of IDLE symbols.


The auto-negotiation status will be written to these bits. Xm9161 mode control pin. As always, vias should be avoided as much as possible. Products We offer only products that satisfy high performance requirements and which are compatible with major hardware and software standards. Duplex selection is allowed when Autonegotiation is disabled bit 12 of this register is cleared.

When waking up from Sleep mode write this bit to 0the configuration will go back to the state before sleep; but the state machine will be reset Remote loopout control: The interface specification defines a dedicated receive data bus and a dedicated transmit data bus.

The transmitter section contains the following functional datasheet A1 is defined as the distance from the seating plane to dtasheet lowest point of the package body. If the pin is pulled high, the LED is active low after reset.

Due to the built-in wave-shaping filter, the DM does not need any external filters to transport signals to the media in M or 10M Ethernet operations.

Collision Detection Dtasheet half-duplex operation, a collision is detected when the transmit and receive channels are active simultaneously. Wireless Low Power Tranceivers. Datasheet Datasheet section Davicom Website.

Dacom West GmbH – Smart solutions for you – DM

Read as 0, ignore on write MII frame preamble suppression: If TXER is asserted for one or more clock periods, and TXEN is asserted, the PHY will emit one or more symbols that are not part of the valid data delimiter set somewhere in the frame being transmitted.

DM, no next page DM datashet not support this function, so this bit is always 0. Active high enables receive signals RXD[0: Link status change interrupt: If the samples you request dayasheet this amount we will contact you and show you the available options. Likewise, if the pin is pulled low, the LED is active high. This pin is always pulled low except used as reduced MII. If a valid signal is detected from the media, which might be N-way fast link pules, 10Base-T normal link pules, or Base-TX MLT3 signals, the device wakes up and resumes normal operation mode.


Integrated circuits sold by DAVICOM Semiconductor are covered by the warranty and patent indemnification provisions stipulated in the terms of sale only. MLT-3 Driver The two binary data streams created at the MLT-3 converter are fed to the twisted pair output driver which converts these streams to current sources and alternately drives either side of the transmit transformer primary winding resulting in a minimal current MLT-3 signal.

Total in excess of the b dimension at maximum material condition. Bad ground plane partitioning can cause more EMI emissions that could make the xm9161 interface card not compliant with specific FCC regulations part Functional operation of this device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied.

Fault criteria and detection method is DM implementation specific. Products described herein are intended for use in normal commercial applications.

DM datasheet_百度文库

After auto-negotiation is completed, results will be written to this bit. If this bit is 1, it means the operation 1 dtaasheet is a M half duplex mode.

All LED pins are dual function pins, which can be configured as either active high or low by pulling them low or high accordingly.