DIgSILENT PowerFactory Application Guide Dynamic Modelling Tutorial DIgSILENT Technical Documentation DIgSILENT GmbH Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 9 PowerFactory is easy to use and fully Windows compatible and can be integrated DIgSILENT YouTube channel; Interactive introductory tutorial and various. PowerFactory is a leading integrated power system analysis software, which covers the full range of functionality from standard features to highly sophisticated .

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Brackets [ and ] are used to indicate the inclusion of the end points in the range, and are used to indicate the exclusion of the end points from the range.


A voltage controller is powerfactoryy connected to the generator, controlling powerfzctory terminal voltage of the machine by regulating rotor excitation. In the hydro turbine example, we saw that the turbine slot was connected to the syn- chronous machine and governor slots. Model initialisation typically starts at the grid elements and then works backward through the other blocks, initialising each block completely one at a time.

The input signal g should be initialised such that the model equations yield pt at the output more on block initialisation later. These grid elements inherit the properties of the type objects e. Lastly, the governor block is initialised. Composite frames are purely graphical and contain no equations. We also have the option of initialising the internal signals that make up g i. Digsileng variables or signals need to be manually initialised, for example: The same composite model as seen from inside the data manager is shown in Figure 2.

The water in the penstock flows through the turbine and rotates it, before being discharged through the draft tube. Model definition for a simple voltage controller for the governor, turbine and voltage controller, the built-in model for the generator and how they are all connected together the composite frame. However, any internal state variables in the block need to be manually initialised.

Frame showing a governor and turbine connected to a synchronous generator The initialisation process starts at the synchronous generator element, a grid element with a built-in model. Models that contain highly sensitive data e. Generator Control System The built-in synchronous machine model ElmSym is shipped by default without any controls.

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This has an obvious drawback in that some model structures are fundamentally unsound, but can be created nevertheless. However, if the inc0 statement is used, then PowerFactory assumes that the signal is not connected and initialises it using the inc0 expression.

Equations window of the block definition dialog box There are three statements available for setting initial conditions: Both diagrams depict two generators network elements 1 and 2each connected to a voltage controller common models 1 and 2.

The step response of the first-order lag block is shown in Figure 4. The slots for the generator, governor, turbine and voltage controller now need to be filled. As a result, disturbances such as faults, load steps, etc will likely cause unstable frequency and voltage excursions since there are no tutorlal or AVR actions to control these quantities. As a result of this function, all graphical representations of the block definition are powerfactoy. In powerfactoryy case, we can use an iterative search to calculate the initial condition for vw.

Step response of first-order lag Figure 4. The difference is that composite frames can only contain slots and con- nectors, whereas model definitions can contain blocks, summation points, multipliers, etc but not slots. The general rule is that in the steady state, all derivates are zero, i. Please con- sider that the array has to be sorted in ascending order. An example of a composite model with elements assigned to slots Figure 3.

However at this stage, we only have blueprints for the system which are located in the library. In the context of automatic initialisation, the inc statement simply initialises the variable with an estimated starting value which may or may not be right.

A parameter event allows us to change the value of any signal or variable in an element or DSL model during a time-domain simulation. We can perform a similar exercise and define model definitions for the governor and turbine not shown here. Help Center Find new research papers in: In particular, watch out for spaces at the beginning or end of signal or variable names as problems may arise that can be difficult to find.


Two model definitions each referenced by one common model one-to-one ing the structure of a simplified generator control system, and how it can be implemented in PowerFactory.

The event is then applied to the element assigned to that slot.

Power System Software & Engineering

Our Power System Monitoring PFM product line features grid and plant supervision, fault recording, power quality and grid characteristics analysis. In such cases, an iterative, numerical initialisation routine can be used. The input signal is a clock signal with the time period Tclock.

The output yo is the steady state value yo,sswhich can be calculated ppwerfactory known initial values e. It is powerfactoory to simply be aware that they exist and know that the definitions are here for reference. Once a model definition has been selected, the parameters of the common model can tuttorial entered for example, see Figure 3. The external event must be stored locally in the DSL model. Some dummy initialisation values i.

Frames are type objects that belong in the equipment type library. Tdelay in seconds and larger than 0. The following subsections describe the three ways to see model signals and variables that are available in PowerFactory.

PowerFactory – DIgSILENT

Multiple transformer elements can use the same type, and changing the type parameters will affect all of the transformers that inherit or reference this type.

In the hydro turbine example, we saw that pt cigsilent connected to the synchronous generator and thus known from the load flow calculation.

Consider the structure of the system to be modelled and how it can be broken down into discrete blocks that can be modelled separately 2.

Block definition for a hydro turbine Figure 4.