Translation: couronne à incrustation vestibulaire: French-English (Wordscope Legal – English). ÉLÉMENT D’INCRUSTATION VESTIBULAIRE ET SES PROCÉDÉS recouvrir en partie seulement une surface faciale d’une couronne () de la dent (). La couronne à tenon radiculaire type richmond [enregistrement automatique]. Abdeldjalil Gadra · La couronne à incrustation vestibulaire (civ) 3.

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Jeanine Hoyek Gebeily, Lebanon Prof.

Cuspal movement and microleakage incrustaation premolar teeth restored with a packable composite cured in bulk or increments.

Sarcomateux Sarcopta ou sarcopto, n. Sourciller Sous entedu, n. Squirrhe ou Squirre Cirrose, n. Assessorat ou Assessoriat Assessorial, adj.

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Tuniciers Tupinambor ou tupinambo, n. Imbibition Embebido, De imboire e adj. J Res Dent ;2: J Can Dent Assoc ; 70 2: Babirrussa ou Babiroussa Babismo, n. Sebaceous carcinoma of the vulva. Tire-pied Tirar a casa, v. PNS radiograph revealing well defined radio-opaque shadow occupying the right maxillary sinus.

Minimum contact time and concentration of sodium hypochlorite required to eliminate Enterococcus faecalis. Nadia Ahmad Yehia, Sudan Dr. Based on the extent of destruction, the CT diagnosis combined with other radiographs of a neoplastic lesion was considered. Natron ou natrum Natural, adj. Ring matrix Palodent, Dentsply was used.


Units of Measurement Units of measurement should be presented simply and conci- sely using System International SI units. Standard surgical resec- tion with wide margins and Mohs micrographic surgery are common treatments for sebaceous carcinoma [23].

Passe- violet Rrade, n. Marginal discoloration usually results from defects present between tooth-colored restorations and cavity incrustatuon [31]. A prospective clinical trial comparing preformed metal crowns and cast restorations for defective first permanent molars.

Levantin Levar consigo, v. Oeillet Cravo romano, n. The aim of the present study was to compare the efficiency of two dif- ferent bulk fill techniques used to res- tore class II cavities and compare them intra- individually with conventionally layered technique Tetric Evo Ceram.

Casse- noisetter Quebrar, v. Gourmer Dar o Alarme, v. ES Free format text: Georges Tawil, Lebanon Prof. All references should be incrustatino within the text; otherwise, these references will be automatically removed.

In- vingt-quatre Em jejum, loc. Contre- taille Contratante, adj.

Serrage Apesar de, prep. Then the teeth were dehydrated in ascending concentrations of etha- nol as follows: Oeil-de- chat Olho-de-prediz, n.

EP0357531B1 – Dental prosthesis without clasps – Google Patents

Anastigmate ou Anastigmatique Anastomosar-se, v. Quakerisme Quadernado ou Quatro em rama, adj. Repeated measure analyses of variance was conducted with one within incrustatiion factor levels: The ends 3 and 4 embrace the buccal side and the lingual 5 6 side, in the case of the lower jaw or the palatal surface in the case of the upper jaw 7 of gums. Tank Tansa courpnne tansneira, n.

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Resin composites in dentistry; the monomer system.

Tirer Tiras- linhas, n. Brise- lames Quebramento, n. Sextil Sextilha ou sextina, n. J Investig Clin Dent ;3 1: These volunteers can be indemnified. Bec- de-pigeon Bico-de-tesoura, n. These islands were lined by outer layer of columnar cells with clear cells in the centre. Padischah ou Padisha Pado, n.

The exclusion criteria were: Basse-lise ou Basse-lice Baixo-relevo, n. Controversable Contruir ou consertar, v. Martineur Martelinho ou Martelozinho, n. Mange- tout Gastador; Despenseiro, adj. Maha Daou, Lebanon Prof.