COMPONEER is a new and easy-to-use system for restoring anterior teeth. In present practice the treating dentist could only chose between a directly modelled composite restoration or elaborate indirect veneer technology. Herculite Précis Nano Hybrid Dental Composite Resin Kit From. Product Description and Details for the COMPONEER Direct Composite Veneer from Coltene Whaledent at With COMPONEER BRILLIANT, quality aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth is a polymerised, original composite manufactured by Coltène/Whaledent AG.

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Colltene lecture will be led by Dr. Special conditioning of the veneer is not necessary. The novel micro-retentive inner surface increases wettability and ensures a durable bond. Until now the dentist could only compoeer between a directly modelled composite restoration or elaborate indirect veneer technology.

Martin Goldstein covering an interesting variety of direct composite esthetic rehabs. Ross Nash, who is very familiar with the system and will provide theory, indications and practice opportunities for this product, as well as addressing general restorative dentistry using composite and bonding systems.

In this CE webinar, Dr. Topics to be covered will componrer Nash will illustrate an actual case in a step-by-step fashion and discuss its application in clinical practice. Keep me informed about special offers, exclusive and new information.

The technique described in this article can be used to restore function and esthetics in one office visit. They are manufactured industrially from highly filled nano-hybrid-composite which ensures excellent homogeneity and stability of the enamel shells.

The prefabricated composite veneer technique has some of the advantages of direct composite restorations, as only one session is required without the need to take impressions to send to the dental laboratory.


Because prefabricated composite veneer systems have been recently introduced, they are not widely used. Nash coltenf discuss a technique for utilizing direct composite veneers as a scaffolding for indirect restoration, allowing for less chair time for the patient and dentist. However, it is paramount to carry out controlled clinical studies with this restorative technique prior to recommending it without restrictions in general practice. The clinical technique described in this paper has the potential for being used routinely to lengthen anterior teeth, to correct malpositioned teeth, to mask discolorations, and to close diastemas.

Optimizing Adhesion for Practical Outcomes Presenter: This new treatment option may open new opportunities for dental professionals and their patients.

Coltene Componeer Direct Composite Veneers Kit

This quickly gives the user the information required to perform attractive, natural restorations effectively and economically. Upcoming Live Webinar Schedule. This colene will outline important dental materials, clinical procedures, and adjunct equipment to insure high quality impressions. Esthetic Applications Beyond the Ordinary Presenter: This clinical technique article ocltene focused on the use of prefabricated veneers to enhance the esthetic appearance of the anterior dentition in patients who needed an alternative esthetic solution more affordable than traditional porcelain veneers.

Other benefits of the indirect approach are the ability to use a luting agent to alter the color of the veneer upon placement and the opportunity for a team approach with an auxiliary performing the fabrication of the composite veneers.

The prefabricated restorations can ocltene customized in the mouth for color and shape. Factors such as soft tissue impingement and contaminants can adversely alter this outcome.


COMPONEER™ Direct Composite Veneering System – Contour Guides – Coltene

Materials and Techniques Presenter: Achieving Superb Crown and Bridge Impressions: In this CE webinar, the complexity of this adhesion process will be simplified and will enable you to make successful post and core restorations.

The shiny and naturally designed surface adds a look of vitality to the restoration. Ill fitting crowns can be a source of frustration and inevitable remake. Foltene forming of the anatomical shape and surface and elaborate clmponeer are no longer required. The Dooms Day Composite Rehab!

What is COMPONEER BRILLIANT – COMPONEER | Direct Composite Veneering System

Patients can be given a naturally aesthetic smile in just a single session, and set off smiling — with a “smile componewr go”. A New Milestone in Veneer Technology: The Direct Composite Veneering System adds a new and interesting dimension to existing treatment options and gives dentists and patients new economic perspectives. The extremely thin veneer coatings from 0. This is dependent on an extremely accurate impression. Essentially ciltene how to customize your adhesion for each clinical presentation.

The technique can also be used to restore extensive caries lesions and tooth fractures, and to refurbish large old anterior restorations, especially when other treatment options are componeef of reach for the patient for financial reasons. A well-thought-out range of instruments, as well as comprehensive information material for dentists and patients, round off the product line.