Odontomas are hamartomatous lesions composed of mature enamel, dentin, and pulp, and may be compound or complex depending on the extent of. This article presents surgical management of excision complex odontoma in year-old female patient followed with prosthetic rehabilitation. An odontoma (also termed odontome) is a benign tumour of odontogenic origin Specifically, it A compound odontoma still has the three separate dental tissues (enamel, dentin and cementum), but may present a lobulated appearance.

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Diagnostic Histopathology of Tumors: Odontogenic tumors of jaws in synopsis of oral pathology.

A uniform well-defined radiolucent halo was seen surrounding the radiopacity except in the coronal surface. Surgical approach was performed using a 6 spherical drill and a tapered stem, and several blocks of odontoma were removed. CT-Axial view showing hyperdense mass with surrounding hypodense halo around the mass Click here to view.

A 13 year old apparently healthy boy, reported to us with a chief complaint of an enlarging, painful swelling of upper jaw of one year duration along with nasal obstruction. The etiology of calcified composite odontoma.


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Based on the clinical and radiological findings, the lesion was tentatively diagnosed as infected complex odontoma. The lesion consists of well-defined radiopacity surrounded by a radiolucent halo, which represents an enlarged cystic follicle. They are thought to arise from budding of extra-odontogenic epithelial cells from the dental lamina.

During surgery, it was observed that the impacted teeth exhibited no apparent change in shape and size. The most extreme form of dens invaginatus is known as dilated odontoma.

Large Complex Odontoma

International Journal of Dental Sciences and Research2 6 Spontaneous posttraumatic mandibular regeneration. The term odontoma was described by Paul Broca in to describe all odontogenic tumors and defined them as tumors formed by the overgrowth or transitory of complete dental tissue [ Journal of Dental Research, Dental Clinics, Dental Prospects: Unknown; trauma, local infection, inheritance have been proposed. Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma case report: Complex Odontome Causing Facial Asymmetry.

Complex odontoma of unusual size involving the maxillary sinus: Conclusion Conflicts of Interest References. A provisional diagnosis of complex odontoma was made.

How to cite this article: Geminated composite odontomes, compound composite odontomes, complex composite odontomes, dilated and cystic odontomes [ Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research A report of three cases and review of the literature. Medical College, Jodhpur RajIndia. An uncommon presentation as a cause of chronic sinusitis.


Complex odontomas occur in mandibular first and second molar region with slight or marked bony expansion [ 5 ]. The odontoma is a benign tumor containing all the various component tissues of the teeth. Home About Us Advertise Amazon. Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. A histogenetic and histological perspective.

Odontoma – Wikipedia

Orphanet J Rare Dis ;1: Postoperative prosthetic rehabilitation Click here to view. Br Dent J ; Page views in Accessed December 31st, Medical history was not contributory.

Postoperative intraoral photograph showing good healing of the surgical site. This page was last edited on 1 Marchat We report a rare case of complex odontoma of mandible in a young boy. Compound odontomas are twice as common as complex variety [ 3 ].