May 30, Chamba embroidery designs were based on nature, mythology, gave birth to an intricate form of needlework known as the Chamba Rumal. Explore ANTARA’s board “CHAMBA RUMAL” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Embroidery patterns, Textile design and Textiles. Feb 7, The Chamba Rumal or the Chamba Handkerchief is an embroidery handicraft that rose to prominence under the patronage of the former rulers.

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I feel pained embroidedy the true value of this art is not appreciated. The earliest records of the region dates back to 2nd century BC, making it one of the most ancient destinations in the state.

Older — definition The older definition of the Punjab region focuses on the collapse of the Sikh Empire, According to this definition, the Punjab region incorporates, in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir including Bhimber and Mirpur and parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Basoli is situated in the lofty hills of Shiwaliks. The motifs on these handkerchiefs have traditionally drawn from indigenous tales, including the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Making of the Chamba Rumals The painter, who was employed by the king and other nobles, would be asked to record important happenings in the court, paint mythological creatures and depict various musical notes and various stages of love on the handkerchiefs.

As a positive result, over 15 designs were recreated and restored. He had studied painting in his youth under Abd as-Samad, though it is not clear how far these studies went.

Chamba Rumal Embroidery of Himachal Pradesh – iShippo Blog

An artist’s impression of Valmiki Muni composing the Ramayana. Women created highly ornamental patterns embroidry untwined thread made of silk produced in Sialkot in PakistanAmritsar and Ludhiana. Central to the epic is an account of a war took place between two rival families belonging to this clan.


Retrieved from ” https: The main religions of the Punjab region are Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism, other religious groups are Christianity, Jainism and Buddhism. There have been attempts to unravel its historical growth and compositional layers.

Thanks to the initiatives of the people of India and the rumap of India, today the Raas Mandal and the Krishna motif patterns on Chamba rumals are in high demand. Anuradha Tiwari has contributed 47 entries to our website, so far. Subjects are rich in variety and include portraits, events and scenes from life, wild life and hunting scenes. Dhar Mahanpur It is new emerging tourist spot in middle Himalayas and it is 27 km from Basohli and 87 km from Kathua.

During Ashvamedha Yagna by Lord Rama, Lava and Kush captured the ritual horse, during Navratra festivities it is considered to be auspicious by Hindu population of the city to visit that temple. The entrance of the old building of Christian Medical College.

Chamba Rumal Embroidery of Himachal Pradesh

It involved a number of ancient kingdoms participating as allies of the rival groups, the location of the battle is described as having occurred in Kurukshetra in the modern state of Haryana. The main commercial activities of Amritsar include tourism, carpets and fabrics, farm produce, handicrafts, service trades, the city is known for its rich cuisine, and culture, and for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in under British Rule.

Innovative framing ideas and packaging solutions have emroidery the appeal of the product. She trained more women to carry out and preserve this age-old tradition of stitching Chamba handkerchiefs. Painting by Ustad Mansur fl.


The Indus and the five rivers of the Punjab have their sources in the range and carry loam, minerals and silt down to the rich alluvial plains. The British Raj extended over almost all present-day India, Pakistan and this area is very diverse, containing the Himalayan mountains, fertile floodplains, the Indo-Gangetic Plain, a long coastline, tropical dry forests, arid uplands, and the Thar desert.

As a result, the quality of muslin suffered greatly and its finesse was nearly lost for two centuries, there have cha,ba various attempts at reviving the muslin industry in modern Bangladesh. In Advantages of wearing Muslin Dresses!

A relief showing Krishna with flute, at the 16th-century temple in Hampi, Karnataka. Products like clay water bottles, sustainable bamboo products, wallets from used tyres and so on. Between the years of to Akbar hired over a one hundred painters to practice Mughal style painting, Jahangir had an artistic inclination and during his reign Mughal painting developed further.

Chamba Rumal – WikiVisually

Embroidery also showed elements of nature comprising banana, lotus flower, peacock, parrots, shrubs, monkeys, deer, fish, clouds, cranes etc. The Chamba Rumal is a unique form of embroidery from Chamba, a historic town in the northern Himalayan hill state of Himachal Pradesh.

In the 9th century, an Arab merchant named Sulaiman made note of the origin in Bengal. Life to a dying art The Chamba Rumal is a unique form of embroidery from Chamba, a historic town in the northern Himalayan hill state of Himachal Pradesh.