Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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All one thousand of the console javigator channels are each represented by a single bit in havigator console memory map, and indicates whether the channel is or is not selected for manual control. The microprocessor is connected to the address bus and the data bus The output of amplifier is connected to the input of a Manchester encoder circuit If the flag is not set, the command response routine terminates, and thus the encoder-change command is ignored as the lamp is not selected for manual control.

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This group of control units is termed the “Control Resources Network”. There is further provided a floppy disk drive for reading and writing conventional floppy diskettes. An example is presented for operation of a wheel, such as a color wheel, by a stepper motor. The lamp status scanning program is also activated by a hardware interrupt.

When the timer interrupt occurs, the lamp state initialization script is reentered. Retrieval of the data by the switch lamp control program is also necessary for comparing with the cekco scan to determine if the lamps associated with newly depressed switches should be illuminated or extinguished. See full item description. Certain status bits, such as the cue-data-download request bit, cause activation of the network state control program.


The interrupt signals produced on line are further provided as interrupt signals to the parameter control circuits in FIGS.

navigattor Thus, the digital circuits the Manchester encoders are set to predefined states when power is initially applied. The command from the console is simply transmitted to each of the lamp units in a system-wide manner as a broadcast command in one transmission. Navigtor, for backup and long-term or secondary storage, the console processor maintains a copy of the cue data for each lamp unit.

Generally, the activities of the lamp unit processor in the main sequencer loop include scanning input buffers for communications received from the console processor, the performance of checksum integrity checks on both cue data and program code in the RAM memory.

It can readily been seen that many thousands of commands must be generated for driving each parameter of each lamp for each of the cues within a performance. An electrical block diagram for the console 24 is illustrated in FIG.

As previously described, some messages to the lamp units produce a response from the lamp unit. The newly operated switch is identified as a member of the “channel select” switch group, all of which are serviced by the same response routine.

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However, the lack of a response from the lamp unit after several retransmissions by the console processor complex nwvigator taken as an indication that the lamp unit is no longer operational. The console program then returns to the endless loop of the main sequencer.

Therefore, if a response routine finds that a previous message has navigatot been transmitted to the network by the console processor complex, a pending message packet will be generated by the respective response routine.

Instead, the front console panel indicator is cleco, whereupon the operator is reminded that cue memory is required to be uploaded from the lamp unit to the console.


Again, the shield of link 40 is grounded.

The switch is again identified, as noted above, and the associated response routine is activated. The subprogram controlling these components utilizes a conventional ccelco servo control algorithm.

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Back to home page. The data captured by the latch is transferred through a plurality of lines to a programmable array logic PAL Some of the stepper motor subsystems will include switch closure indexing feedback for use in assuring that the stepper motors are following the stepping commands transmitted by the lamp unit processor.

Many of these programs report data directly to the state data manager program. Other response routines of the network state control program download program code to the lamp units, on request. If the programs are found to be valid, an internal flag is cleared, thereby allowing the execution of the additional programs.

The interrupt and acknowledge signals on linesare provided to a vector generator which generates corresponding vector states that are transmitted through a bus for transmission through data lines to the parameter control circuits shown in FIGS. Some of the logical control programs also store current function data as preset function values, and also operate in recalling and reporting these preset values on command of the console.

Rotary controls 96, 98, and provide respective control of pan, tilt, intensity and zoom for each of the lamps. When the capacitor is charged, the reset logic state changes and goes to a high logic level for normal operation.