46 Results Caterpillar D10T S/N RJG Original Hours Cab, A/C, Heat Dual Tilt Full U with HD liner and abrasion package SU blade available. View updated Caterpillar D10T Crawler Tractor specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Crawler Tractor models. Find Used and New Caterpillar d10t Track bulldozers For Sale amongst an extensive inventory of 18 listings on MachineryZone.

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Canada Newfoundland and Labrador. The high-drive system eliminates the traditional final drive in favor of the planetary final drive, which caterplilar engine torque better, since it distributes the forces over multiple gear teeth instead of a single tooth as in the traditional system.

For more information visit cat. For enhanced safety and production, the operator station offers an exceptional viewing area.

Other prototypes would follow in and This feature reminds the operator to engage the seat belt anytime the key is on — LCD icon. Integrated Technologies See more The D10T2 electronic systems have been completely integrated to function as one machine. Cat NOx Reduction System captures and cools a small quantity of exhaust gas, then routes it into the combustion chamber where it drives down combustion temperatures and reduces NOx emissions.

This integration creates a smart machine and more informed operator maximizing the productivity of both. Adding the optional autolube system allows the operator to tailor the amount of grease needed for each application by volume and service interval through the Information Display.

Cat Optimized Seat has six way adjustment control for optimal caterpiloar and comfort. Twin implement pumps matched with newly designed valves offer simultaneous dozer commands such as tilt, pitch, and lift, as well as simultaneous ripper commands like lift and pitch.

Fuel efficiency and performance are improved with field-proven load-sensing implement hydraulics on the D10T2, which respond to operating requirements by automatically and continually caterpkllar implement hydraulic power.


A key advantage of the D10T2’s modular design is the ability to swap out a component with a pre-tested rebuilt or remanufactured unit that puts the machine back to c10t faster. As the engine and drivetrain are mounted high in a traditional bulldozer, the half shafts from the differential exit above the drive sprocketrequiring a small caterpillxr on the end of the half shaft and another, larger one attached to the drive sprocket.

Sales event classified ads Classified ads with pictures Classified ads less than 1 week old Professional classified ads Non-professional classified ads. Higher traction means less slippage, better balance, and a smoother ride.

The new D10T2 cterpillar a number of sustainable benefits: Terrain features an in-cab display, satellite navigation technology, machine-mounted components and fully integrated office software.

High-Capacity Universal Blades — Offers optimal capacity for moving big loads over long distances. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. All caterpllar the new features within the D10T2 operator station provide an industry leading operator environment that helps contribute to high levels of productivity, efficiency, and comfort.

Operator Not Present Monitoring System This feature locks out the power train and hydraulics under certain conditions to prevent unintentional d10y when the operator is not in the seat.

Please fix the errors below to continue. However, we can propose ads of possible interest to you. Lower sound levels are available if optional sound suppression packages are installed.

2006 Caterpillar D10T Crawler Dozer

This feature adds value by enhancing safety and productivity during the dozing cycle. One of the first D10s is currently sitting in front of the East Peoria, Ill plant where it was made.

Multi-Shank Ripper — Generally for lighter duty ripping applications in less severe materials. Best Manufacturing Company Holt gas electric tank Holt tractor.

The Information Display screen is larger, faster, and more powerful with increased memory and intuitive menu structure. Command for Dozing optional removes the operator from the cab of the machine and enables remote control operation.


Can not determine your location. The D10T2 power train design optimizes performance and ease of operation helping customers get more done for the lowest cost per unit. The integrated carrier roller mount is fabricated into the track roller frame making it easy to add optional carrier caterpil,ar in the field. The aluminum bar plate construction aids durability and allows for higher heat transfer and superior corrosion resistance.

Used and New Caterpillar d10t Track bulldozers For Sale

Engine ratings apply at 1, rpm. Operator training to help boost your profits. Filters 2 reinitialise filters.

Seat side bolsters restrain side-to-side movement, especially when working on side slopes. It is flexible enough to be used on heavy construction sites and robust enough to be used on mine sites. Customer Support See more Legendary Cat Dealer Support From helping you choose the right machine to knowledgeable ongoing support, Cat dealers provide you with unmatched sales and service.

Cat | D10T2 Dozer | Caterpillar

Operator Station See more The D10T2’s cab design provides ergonomic controls, intuitive monitoring systems, and enhanced visibility. With the introduction of the N-Series tractors in their model numbers were pushed up.

Best Tractor’s 30 Humpback; this tractor was discontinued a year later, and the only other tractor to use the concept until the D10’s introduction was the Cletrac Model F, built between and Helping you maximize the material moved for every drop of fuel, the C27 ACERT engine utilizes the A4E4 Engine Controller, caterpillaar automatically switches engine power settings based on direction of travel.

Warning alarms will sound if the parking brake is released or the blade is raised when the ladder is down.