DPP 3 is that it is compatible with images from any EOS digital camera. market and this has given here a unique insight about the workflow and processing. Welcome to the Digital Photo Professional video tutorial section! CPN writer and software expert George Cairns unpacks Canon’s popular workflow software and . Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP), which reached version 4 in , continues to be a popular workflow tool for those photographers.

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If you are not using a monitor calibrated to a standard for your post processing, you are probably wasting your time.

Solved: Using DPP in workflow with other photo software – Canon Community

Canon EOS digital cameras ship with Digital Photo Professional, which is an image-processing and-management utility especially optimized for RAW image processing and, of course, Canon equipment. This includes most memory card readers and many cameras can be directly attached to a computer this way as well.

That canoh, you have to get it bang on to get the most out of it. If the exposure of a non-exceptional-otherwise image is off by more than a small amount, good-bye. Inside there are usually three more sub-directories: This article is about my workflow. If a group of images needs a similar crop, select the Copy button. The brightest pixels in the image will show on the very right side of the histogram – but will not be stacked against the right wall indicating blown highlights pure white – no detail.


If you do not backup your files, it is only a matter of time until they are lost – plan on it. Version 4 of DPP has been completely rewritten, making the move from version 3 a challenge. I plan to use some basic tools involving cropping and exposure control see [ Following are the workfolw steps I am using in my digital workflow.

Use this frequently to view your image before and after changes. The shot taken with improper white balance can be adjusted to perfection.

RAW Workflow: A Pro’s Approach

This practice often means that my images are somewhat overexposed and need a little -EV correction. Don’t rule epp using the auto white balance setting, but a custom white balance often works best. I select all similar images – typically all shot in similar conditions – and not more than a manageable quantity. Right, got those backups sorted?

Using DPP in workflow with other photo software

The next task in my digital workflow is my archiving and backup strategy. Cropping and horizon leveling comes next in my digital workflow – if needed.

A specific color temperature setting is easy to make slight adjustments to later – perhaps when reviewing the image a second time.


First of all, though, some background and disclaimers:. If not using auto or custom white balance settings, I most frequently use a Kelvin setting. How do I decide when to sell existing gear? The concept of digital photography workflow involves far more than image editing in a specific application such as Digital Photo Professional or Photoshop. So from my standpoint I personally highly recommend it. When I first got into photography I took an awesome landscape.

Digital pictures can last forever – and they can also be lost in an danon Change any other settings you desire. This something can be sensor dust, blemishes workfloe someone’s face, All we have now is the same process but in an office.

Click and drag to select the cropped area. These backups are completely refreshed periodically every couple of years to prevent failure over time. Of the images selected, I pick one that is most-representative of the group. This third edition of Nina’s popular guide has been written to include DPP version 4.