Let’s talk about byosen scanning. Byosen means line of poison. This technique is how we discover the parts of ourselves or others that need. Byosen Reikan Ho is a technique somewhat similar to the scanning practices taught in some ‘western’ lineage Reiki styles. Byosen is concerned with the. In the last 15 years or so, the popularity of traditional Reiki techniques such as Kenyoku Ho (a dry bath), Byosen Reikan Ho (a form of scanning.

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In order to be perceptive, one needs to increase awareness.

Byosen Reikan Ho (Scanning)

A participant was supposed to have her gall bladder removed a few days after the workshop. So give scanning a try. In my classes I have approached teaching scanning scaning that it is a natural thing that we do every day.

It is based on perception. Is your mind clear or a bit fuzzy?

Understanding Byosen Scanning, Part II – Reiki Webstore

Be aware of how you feel there today. Finally be aware of your connection to the Earth. By the end of the training, after five days, only heat could be felt. Reiki and Sex Reiki and Sex is a book focused on two main things: When you will perform a full healing session later, focus on these areas more.

This website contains links and references to products and services that may include affiliates, sponsorships, or other scanninb relationships in which Reiki Paths and its author may receive compensation from referrals or sales actions. Byosen can be performed right before the Reiki treatment.

This technique is also called scanning, a technique created by William Lee Rand before the knowledge that byosen scanning was a thing. Move your awareness to your throat and observe how it feels, open and relaxed or tight and constricted?


Your email address will not be published. One question though, you mention to use the Gassho mudra in meditation. We want to know where the line is between feeling good and feeling not so much and heal whatever is causing the line. Less is more in Reiki. Letting go of the outcome allows the natural intelligence to do it’s work as the body comes into balance.

Mine likes to help me scan. All the others felt it as well. This site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. I am unfamiliar with this? Finally become aware of the whole of you, here and now, expanded and connected with everything around you, above, below, in front, behind and to the sides all meeting in the heart through Gassho.

And because of this, you can hear your intuition more often, which leads you to more and more positive experiences. The handbooks allowed students to work effectively with Reiki before they understood the more advanced art of byosen. In case of intuition, what matters the most is acting instead of thinking.

Every day, for five days I worked on her with the group. These sensations may be experienced in our hands as they are placed over particular areas or even in our own body as we mirror what our client is feeling.

She had developed very painful stones and the doctors saw no other way for her than surgery. The most effective way for us to do that is to observe our relationship with our own present state, because in order to understand the various sensations we are feeling, first we have to be aware of what is happening in our own energy field.

I advise to do so, but know this — if you feel, through your intuition that you should channel the energy longer than 5 minutes, then do so. What is this Gassho mudra? Allow your attention to spread to your abdomen and Diaphragm once again notice how it feels and if it is tight and contracted, what emotions or thoughts hold it in place.


But to do so, one must learn how to put the mind at a state of peace. This woman is the real. As noted in Part I of this article, byosen has five distinct levels, which indicate the seriousness of the condition, with five being the highest degree of imbalance: This heat makes your palms sweat.

Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. It explains what Reiki is, and how it can be practiced. And then — channel Reiki like you always do. I don’t know how but she really helps me to connect to what messages are meant for me She is truly a wonderful healer, listener, mother guidance and teacher.

Your intuition guides you to the best teachers, best books, best workshops, best events and experiences, all of which are lessons, meant to help you with your own life.

Mikao Usui used to focus purely on his own intuition. This technique is how we discover the parts of ourselves or others that need work.

I encourage you to experiment with each of the techniques described and bylsen discover for yourself how amazingly effective byosen can be. When we find a spot that feels different we may want to begin treatment there or spend more time on that area. Contact Dee at thegoddessdreams gmail. You can achieve this through a regular practice of the Gassho meditation.