Sagrada Biblia [Nacar – Colunga] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. sagrada Biblia. Biblia tradicional Católica portátil. Fiel a la traducción. Sagrada Biblia [Eloino Nacar Fuster, Alberto Colunga Cueto] on * FREE* Catecismo de la Iglesia Catolica (Spanish Edition). U.S. Catholic. Sagrada Biblia Nacar Colunga (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Alberto Colunga Cueto, Eloíno Nácar Fúster. Download it once and read it on your.

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It even translated into spanish the hebrew names of cities and places when those names meant something specific in the original hebrew. Some of these interlinears don’t have what the Spanish version that they colung noted so I have them 6 of them on my website until I can figure out if they are copyrighted or not. La Biblia para Todos. As for the ‘voseo’, it is not a Latin American thing.

Pictures are from the edition. Users browsing this forum: So, you see, the hard truth is that most of the copyrighted Spanish Bibles will probably never be available for theWord because there is catoolica way that people will pay for them they are used to piracyand there is no way that they will be put up illegally!

Version Moderna [] actualizada. Published in by Editorial Verbo Divino, this Bible uses the text of the argentinian El Libro del Pueblo de Dios translation, with different notes and introductions. It was translated by a team of twenty four scholars, from the original languages. Well, in Greece we don’t have cato,ica problem since we don’t have many modern Greek translations.


Biblia de Jerusalen Catolica – So English isn’t the only language with multiple translations.

Its possible convert and unprotected. This is the dilemma that bilinguals often encounter, the tendency to mix up things. My favorite translation used to be NKJV.

These are the legal realities that exist. Just refuse to buy that version of the Bible or use it in any context. They both have similar size, the size of a US medium size Bible.

Biblia Católica

Multi-column mode always available. Subsequent editions have polished the translation, and gave less political flavor to the notes.

That’s how it is done in Spanish. Its language is natural and not particularly sophisticated. Sat Jun 26, 7: To join this workspace, request access.

Sagrada Biblia Nacar Colunga 1944

Biblia Jerusalen en desarrollofailiar. That is an advantage, but it is not enough to learn a foreign language in order to do that.

So how can God bless you using an illegal tool? But being pedantic aside, the post was a great one. It is highly cokunga as a tool for approaching the underlying meanings of the original languages.

Catholic Bibles: Guest Post: Bible Versions in Spanish

It was published inin Spain also by BAC. Many consider this translation to nafar the most beautiful version of the Bible in spanish.

Pages Images and files. I disagree with you about the other langauge Bibles.

Sagrada Biblia Nacar Colunga ( 1944) ( 1ª Edición)

To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Biblia Nueva Version Internacional Protestante. Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos nblh. Which version would be easy for her to read and understand? I put what I best remember about each version after it, and rearranged the list. The project eventually expanded to become an initiative for a common catholic bible in spanish for the Americas. In Argentina, he translated the Bible from the original languages.

  FD P18-011 PDF

This is just my opinion, I may be wrong. Ha merecido muchas ediciones posteriores, y ocupa un lugar prominente entre las versiones en lenguastellana. A few that are under copyright may have special situations whereby Gateway Bibles or others have the copyright owners permission to post that version on their website. Hi Harmut, I would agree and disagree with you. It has been revised and reprinted several times there have been 30 editions so far. Both books are in two columns per page, one column in English and one column in Spanish, which makes very easy to pass from language to another when you have a doubt.

A los creadores de la aplicacion One of my neighbors speaks Spanish and uses the La Biblia Latinoamericana.