Discover the new models, those that remain true to the original. Variety, quality, attention to detail – these are our principles. request your items brochure. Die Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg / Sachsen, liefert Modellbahnzubehör in den Nenngrößen H0, TT und N. Dazu gehören Catalogue · Catalogue Ordering. Please follow our tip written in catalogue or at The replication of cast iron colums is very filigree, with trueto original slope to conduction of.

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Handsomely proportioned exterior, additional entrances to the sacristy and arched bell tower. Towers auahgen gates from old city walls are often used as museums. The individual parts are designed so that a large freight station or warehouse can be built from two kits.

Includes a cast iron water pump. As they are intended as a background, the slight deviation from exact scale is unim- portant. A simple functional building whose length can be varied due to segment design. Wandlam- pen liegen bei. Small reception building with a goods storage shed. The trolley moves by hand. Further, they can be either single or twin tyres.

Homepage | Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Modellbahnzubehör H0 TT N

The gates are made of stable cardboard in laser cut technology. Allow yourself to be inspired by model railway construction.

A podium and stairs with a handrail are included for the interior design. We combine plastic material with body- died board made by laser cut technology.


Appropriate signs for each country are included. Der Dachstuhl steht schon, die Schalung wird aufgebracht. Durch die Kombination von Stahl und Ziegeln entstand ein attraktives Bauwerk. The forging tongs are made of stable cardboard using laser cut technology. Detailed backyard with entrance stairs and gate. An ideal model to complete a row of city houses or as eyecatching corner piece.

Originalmodell A well-known destination for outings with a splendid view of the central Iron Mountains near Annaberg, Saxony. Ideal for the Service station No. This is one of the oldest houses on Station Street, with its attractive half-timbering, wood-pannelled bay window and woo- den pillars. Dumper 32 x 20 x 23 mm Compressor trailer 32 x 17 x 16 mm 41 Innerbetrieblicher Transport In-house transport Bausatz. Fence, 4 benches and letter boxes included. You will need to adjust the height and depth of the pillar to the particular model train set or diorama you are constructing.

Can be made into 20 standing or 20 hanging imi tation gas lights. You can find out more at www.

You are able to design annexes as you wish with our accessory sheets Nos. Both trains and trucks can be loaded in the auhaegn. For verandas, balconies and terraces.

Wahlweise kann auch ein Kellereingang angebaut werden. Total length cm H0 TT. Der Kompressor hat eine andere vorbild- gerechte Bereifung als im Art. Eine Auswahl liegt bei. Nassschiebeschilder zur Tanknummerierung liegen bei. Die Schmiedezangen sind aus stabilem Karton in Lasercut-Technologie gefertigt. The model has a sliding door in the barn. On the embankment only apply the adhesive to the ballast between the sleepers. A cast-iron lamp and railing ready for delivery add further detail.


Catalog Ordering

Clear gate height 42 mm, clear gate width 40 mm, for locomotives up to an overall length of 90 mm Authentic historical model 99 x 60 x 48 mm H0 Bahnbauten Railway structures Extraction systems with consoles, air pipes and air flues for window and roof, fins ventilators, blind windows, penthouse roof with steel caralogue beams and external staircase are included.

It is helpful to use a colorful plastic part to trying it out, before you will do so with the clear windows. The architecture of the original wood- pannelled inn is typical of the area.

In the rear of the farmhouse there are a scullery, dung heap and outhouse. Modest single-family house with balcony and large window in the rear. Our new items Discover the new Auhagen products this year in our new product range. Deckel aus Karton mit Klarsichtfenster.