VSA/VSA/VSA. 2/4/8-Port Video Splitter. Specifications. Features. The VSA Video Splitter is a boosting device that duplicates a video signal from. VSA – Great Prices on ATEN VS from your KVM Switch Experts – KVM Switches Online. The VSA 8-Port VGA Video Splitter from ATEN is a boosting device that duplicates a video signal from one source to 8 output devices. Cascadable up to .

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Features One video input to 8 video outputs Supports up to MHz bandwidth Cascadable to 3 levels – provides up to video signals multiple VSA units required Long distance transmission up to atne 1 Please Note: Bandwidth is the term that is used to describe the signal capacity of these units.

Special Order Update Location close. The Video Separator is a signal booster and splitter that is used to take video input from a single source and direct it to wten video outputs for monitors using analog signals. This makes public broadcasts from a single computer very feasible.

Applications Financial – the remote display of stock market information Education – the remote display of lectures and lessons to halls and classrooms Business – the remote display of addresses to overflow rooms; video conferencing; and demos.


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8-Port Video Splitter – VS, ATEN Video Splitters

Add to Cart for our price. Back View Show More Less. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. You will be charged as soon as the manufacturer receives this vs138 order. Vs138z the first vs38a review this item. This huge bandwidth allows for the transmission of large amounts of information at a very high rate of speed, and thus you can use the very high resolution setting of x in 24 or 32 bit true color mode at a refresh rate of 80Hz.

Video content sent over very long distance using a VGA cable might result in slight degradation of the video signal and quality. Video content sent over very long distance using a VGA cable might result in slight degradation of the video signal and quality close.

ATEN VSA Video Splitter – 8 Ports | eBay

Info Accessories Questions Reviews. Please check your local sales tax laws. If you want to display the same information on many monitors at once, such as in a classroom environment, or at a demonstration, this product performs incredibly well. Cascadable up to three levels, multiple atten can be combined to provide up to video signals, in addition to extending the transmission distance up to ‘, making it suitable for public broadcast systems.


ATEN 8-port VGA splitter

The signal boost obtained by using the VS allows you to not only split the signal but to extend the distance so that you can send the signal to about feet. For example a voice telephone signal has a bandwidth of Hz or cycles per secondwhere an analog TV signal has a bandwidth of approximately 6MHz or 6 million cycles per second which is approximately times greater than a simple voice phone call. Our price is below the minimum advertised price MAP set by the manufacturer.

Specifically, in analog signals, bandwidth is the difference between the highest-frequency and the lowest frequency components of a givin fs138a.

See any errors on this page? These units have a bandwidth of MHz which is million cycles per second and that is 50 times greater than a simple Ayen signal. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. In general, bandwidth is directly proportional to the amount of data transmitted per unit of time.